Snax Gaming: Real Name, Age, Income, Net worth, BGMI ID, Phone Number

Team IND is name that is known by every BGMI fan, from not getting inviting in official tournaments and difficulties for making in slot to getting 3 back to back chicken dinner in BGMI first ever official tournament, this is our team IND, and snax can be known as the base of this powerful building, snax is all known for his powerful gameplay, and his wonderful spray of Dp-28,so in this post we are going to talk about snax gaming life, his real name, Age and many things so here we go.

Real NameRaj verma
Age21 years
Income3 To 6 Lakhs
Net Worth20 To 40 Lakhs
BGMI ID585127130
Phone NumberUnknown

Who is snax gaming?

Snax gaming is one of the popular esports player, he is currently playing as a a member of team IND, his team has seen many ups and down, team IND is one of the oldest esports team of India, firstly scout was also a member of team IND but he left from the team, snax gaming is now the permanent member of team IND as per information, he is all known for his Dp-28 sprays and for his gun power, his close- range, mid – range and long- range, his burst spray of Dp-28 is very accurate, he needs only 3 bullets of Dp-28 and he will knockout the enemy. he can be consider as the base of his team.

Snax gaming bgmi ID and his YouTube channel :

Snax gaming bgmi ID and his YouTube channel :

snax gaming BGMI ID is 585127130, his channel is very addictive and players love to watch his videos, he uploads daily videos on his channel, he uploads streams, short – videos and entertaining videos in his channel, his youtube channel has 915k subscribers. his first video was uploaded on 17th of October 2019, and he has uploaded over more than 100 videos, snax gaming is very close of 1 million subscribers, he is currently perusing e-sports as a full time carrier.

That’s it, make sure to share your valuable thoughts about snax gaming in comment box below, thank you.

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