S8UL Sid: Real Name, Age, Girlfriend, Earnings & Hairstyle

Indian gaming community is growing rapidly, and there are hundreds are popular creators who are currently leading the IGC, in this post we are going to talk about ‘Sid joshi’ aka S8UL SID, so here we go.

S8UL Sid is one of the most well known creator of S8UL organization, he is mainly known for funny streams, trash talks & a esports manager.

AGE29 YEARS ( AS OF 2022 )

S8UL SID started his esports journey in 2020 with ‘TSM entity’ as a manager, after that he joined S8UL organization on 5 august 2021 as a content creator & esports adviser.

S8UL Sid also helped in rebuilding of ‘Team SouL’, ‘GOBLIN’ ( Team SouL player ) was scouted by sid.

Earnings: according to various sources, His monthly income is around 5000$ to 7000$.

Hairstyles : when we talk about fashion, than sid is the most popular fashion icon of S8UL gaming house, S8UL fans are also searching about the unique hairstyles of S8UL sid.

Instagram: he has over 254k followers on Instagram, average like ratio on his post is about 50k likes.

Youtube : S8UL sid has more than 400k subscribers on youtube, he is famous for the daily chill streams with viewers.

that’s it, make sure to share your valuable opinion about S8UL sid in comment box below, thank you.

Kanhaiya Patidar

Kanhaiya Patidar is content reviewer for adixesports, he is from Ratlam ( Madhya Pradesh ), for sure this 20 year boy has sharp writing skills.

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