Kronten Gaming: Real Name, Age, Girlfriend, Income, Pubg Id, Net Worth

every esports player knows the name “kronten”, he is the owner of Godlike esports, it is one of the biggest esports team which grows in 2020, because of ban of pubg in India, Godlike esports can not maintain his rhythm in esports tournament.

however godlike esports is one of the top esports team in India, in this post we are answering to all the questions related to kronten.

Kronten real name

Kronten’s real name is Chetan sanjay chandgude, kronten is a very popular name in indian gaming industry, he has achieved so much popularity in very young age.

Kronten’s Age

Kronten’s age is 24 years old, his birthday is on 4 March. But his birth year is not mentioned anywhere.

Kronten income

Kronten’s monthly income salary is approx 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs, he started his youtube career in the year 2018 and post the pubg videos.

Kronten net worth

Kronten estimated net worth is around 2 crores to 3 crores, his income sources is from youtube, esports team, superchats, sponsors, he has the largest shares in Godlike esports.

Kronten girlfriend

As per the information kronten is not in a relationships, he has never mentioned about his partner.

Kronten’s Pubg ID

Kronten’s pubg ID or bgmi ID is 525348414, You can copy this number and paste in the game and send friend request to kronten gaming.

Kronten Cars

kronten also owns a BMW car which worth is about 70 to 80 lakhs after all the taxes.

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