Iferg: real name, Age, income, Girlfriend, Net worth, Cod mobile ID

Cod mobile is one of the leading games in the year 2021, many players has liked the cod mobile version, people enjoys while playing cod-mobile, cod mobile official players and youtuber also get a very massive love from the game fans, so in this post we are going to tell you about Iferg the most lovable content creator of cod mobile.

IFerg is a official content creator of cod mobile, he is a very awesome player of cod mobile, he has a very active fan base from all over the world, he uploads daily videos in his channel, and people love to watch his videos, he has 2.17 million subscribers in his youtube channel. He uploads all battle royale game videos, but his main game is cod mobile.

Real nameLuke fergie
Age21 years
Income 5 to 6 lakhs
Net worth5 to 6 crores
Cod mobile uid6741328539029078017
GirlfriendNot public

Who is Iferg?

Iferg is the famous content creator of cod mobile and a main streamer of cod mobile, he is from Ireland, he is 21 years old, he is currently a part of esports organization tribe gaming, he has many popular fans, he is a very gentle person, he uploads daily videos of cod mobile in his youtube channel.

About Iferg youtube channel

luke fergie’s youtube channel named as Iferg, and his channel has 2.17 million subscribers, which is a huge number, he earns a very good sum from his youtube channel, his first video was uploaded on 6th of June 2017. he has uploaded over 500 plus videos in his youtube channel.

IFerg cod mobile in-game name and UID :-

Iferg cod mobile in-game name is iFergYT, and his cod mobile UID is 6741328539029078017.

That’s it, make sure to share your views about Iferg in comment box below, thank you.

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