Techno Gamerz: Real Name, Income, Age, Girlfriend, Gta 5, Phone Number, Net Worth

Techno gamerz is one of the most popular youtuber in India, he is pursuing YouTube as his full time career and his career is going excellent, he is now one of the most top Gta 5 creators ever his main game is Gta5 and minecraft and free fire , he also has second channel named as Ujjwal, in this post we are going to talk about techno gamerz real name, age, net worth and many more things, so here we go.

Techno Gamerz: Real Name, Income, Age, Girlfriend, Gta 5, Phone Number, Net Worth

Techno Gamerz real name

Techno gamerz real name is Ujjwal Chaurasia, he is one of the top gaming creators in India, he plays all the games like GTA-5,free fire, pubg, minecraft he is most popular for his GTA-5 gameplay and for his amazing voice over.

Techno gamerz age

Techno gamerz age is 19 years old, he is born in 12th of January 2002, he is one of the top most youngest youtubers having 22 million plus subscribers after adding the subscribers of both of his channel.

Techno gamerz income

Techno gamerz estimated monthly income after adding both of his channel views and sponsorship is 10 lakhs to 12 lakhs approx, this is because he is a very popular youtuber and people love to watch his videos.

Techno gamerz net worth

Techno gamerz estimated networth is around 15 crore, he has 2 youtube channels one has 17 million plus subscribers and second one is ujjwal which has 5 million plus subscribers.

Techno gamerz gta 5

Techno gamerz is most popular for his gta 5 videos, he uploads a fantastic content of gta-5, his gta-5 videos gets popular very easily, he upload gta-5 content in his main channel techno gamerz, You can see all the videos of techno gamerz has million and millions views, people love to watch the gameplay of techno gamerz with his awesome voice over.

Techno gamerz phone number

Techno gamerz full number is not there but we have 7 numbers his mobile number starts with +91 9455568, according to information, techno gamerz full number is not mentioned anywhere but there are 7 digits of his mobile number. Once his number got leaked and he faced alot of tention and from that time he is not using that number.

techno gamerz girlfriend

Currently there is no girlfriend of techno gamerz, he has not mentioned anywhere about his relationship, so his relationship status is single.

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