Best Vloggers In India In 2023

Vlogging is currently on a growing stage in India, In the last 4 years, many vloggers have become famous on YouTube like Mumbaikar Nikhil, Gouravzone, Guffu The Rider And Many More.

Along with vloggers, gamers and streamers are also becoming quite popular in India, And there are some pro gamers who are also vloggers. So In this post, we are going to tell you about the top 3 best vloggers of the Indian gaming community.

Best Indian Vloggers

List Of Top 3 Gaming Vloggers In India

Ketan Patel ( K18 Gaming )

Popular Vlogger Ketan ‘K18’ Patel has over 8 lakh subscribers on YouTube. He is professional Gamer, Esports Caster, Streamer And Vlogger.

Ketan Patel started his vlogging career with PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018, But they got more popularity in PUBG Mobile India Serise 2019, where Ketan Patel was the main castar of the tournament along with Paritosh Sharma ( Paritosh Plays ). Ketan Patel has worked in more than 5 global esports tournaments so far.

Ketan Patel is currently living in S8UL Gaming House, His Friend is Dhruv sangwan from new delhi.

Real NameKetan Patel
Birth Place Delhi ( India )
Organization8bit ( march 2020 to Present. )
Best Friend Dhruv Sangwan

Salman Mew ( 8bit Mamba )

Salman Mew Is Another Popular Indian vlogger, his real name is 8bit mamba and he is from Aligarh ( Uttar Pradesh ).

8bit Mamba was the former Pubg Mobile esports players, He played PUBG mobile tournaments for Team Hydra and Team 8BIT. But now Salman does vlogging along with streaming on YouTube, he has over 8 lakh Subscribers On His YouTube channel called ‘8bit mamba’.

8bit Mamba Started Vlogging in april 2020 during lockdown, he lives in s8ul gaming house with other members of s8ul.

Real NameSalman Mew
Birth PlaceAligarh
Organization8Bit ( May 2019 To Present )
Best Friend8bit Thug ( Animesh Agarwal )

Ocean Sharma ( Gaming Pro Ocean )

Gaming pro ocean aka ocean sharma known as a esports scientist in indian gaming community, he is proffesional esports caster, vlogger. he recently joined orange rock esports as a content creator.

Ocean sharma archive 5 lac+ subscribers on youtube in just 1 year, after pubg mobile ban in india he works as a esports caster in valorant, Cod mobile and other games.

Real NameOcean Sharma
Organization Orange Rock Esports
Best Friend OR Mavi ( Harmandeep Singh )

Why Indian Gaming Vloggers Are So Popular?

The biggest reason why Indian gaming vloggers are popular is the huge gaming audience in India, Indian gaming audience wants to know about the daily life of their favorite streamers and esports players, And that’s why gaming-related vloggers are growing very fast.

Comment Below About Your Favorite best Indian Vlogger. Thanks.

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