How To Increase Your Rank In Free Fire?: Easily Reach To Heroic

free fire is one of the popular battle royale games, player’s love to play free fire, there are some players who love to play rush game and some love to play safe, and do rank pushing, so in this post we are giving you some steps from which you can easily push your rank and reach heroic, so here we go.

how to increase rank in free fire? not rush to early. 
2.don't do rank push in solo. 
3.never leave your cover. 
4.try to get bot kills. 
5.make a single drop location. 

1. do not rush to early :-

whenever you are doing rank push, remember that you don’t have rush to early, you should play for winning the match, not for the purpose of kills, you have to make sure that your enemy should make a mistake and you take advantage of that, you have to be patient.

   2. don’t do rank push in solo mode :-

if you want to reach heroic in less time, don’t do rank push in solo mode, because solo mode is somewhere difficult than other modes, and there are more hackers as compare to in solo mode, if you play by making your squad or play as a duo, then it will be more beneficial for you, because there will be two or four players in your match and you can give complete calls to them.

  3. Never leave your cover :-

While doing rank push, you should never leave your cover, be patient wait for the enemy to rush on you, and you should take advantage of that, be prepare and attentive all the time, wait for the time when enemy are rushing from the open, then you can easily take down the enemy and you will be safe.

  4. Try to get bot kills :-

It is one of the required things for doing rank push, you should never leave bot kills, but some times your enemy is keep looking at you and waiting for you until you don’t kill the bot, at that time you should wait, and try that the enemy should take that kill and when he leave his cover, you should kill them, and if there is no enemy, then you should take bot kills first because it is very beneficial in rank pushing lobby.

   5. Make a single drop location :-

You should make a single drop location, and, every time you jump only on that location, many players jump wherever they wants, so you don’t have to do that mistake, making a single drop location and jumping every time there, makes you knowing that location completely, each and every house and cover, so make a single drop location where you jump every time.

That’s it, make sure to share your valuable thoughts about free fire rank push with us in comment box below, thank you.

Bhasker Shukla

fascinated about games & sports, writer & contributor for ADIX eSports.

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