Dynamo Gaming: Real Name, Pubg Id, Income, Girlfriend, Age & Dob

Hello to all the game lovers, Dynamo Gaming a name that every Indian pubg player and all the gamers know, he has prove wrong to every person who believed gaming is useless, he is now one of the top gamers in India, sometime people thoughts how much he earns in a month or what is his net worth, so here we are bringing you all the answers related to all your questions.

Dynamo Gaming real name

Dynamo Gaming real name is, Aditya Sawant he is also has a nick name as Adii, he also owns his esport team name as Hydra – esports, he is an inspiration for indian young blood.

Dynamo Gaming Age

dynamo gaming is 25 years old, his birth date is 18th of April 1996. He has achieved his popularity at a very starting of his age.

Dynamo gaming girlfriend

dynamo gaming aka Aditya sawant has a girlfriend they both are in a serious relationship, her girlfriend name is Kanika as most of the people’s said that they are in a serious relationship, so here it is based on complete information.

Dynamo gaming income

Dynamo gaming earns a very good income through his youtube channel, and other sponsorships, the monthly estimation of his earning is about 4 to 5 lakhs and his yearly earning varies around 1 crore or some less, his total net worth is about 14 crores.

Dynamo gaming Pubg ID OR BGIM ID

dynamo gaming Pubg and BGIM character ID is 591948701.

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