M416 Glacier: How To Get Free M416 Gun Skin In Battlegrounds Mobile India?

BGMI is one of the most lovable game of India, many people of all age category love to play BGMI, this game has given our Indian gaming community a lot of opportunities, one of the most loved thing in BGMI is M416 glacier skin, this skin has won a lot of hearts in all over the world, so in this post we are going to tell you how you can unlock your glacier M416, so here we go.

How To Get Free M416 Glacier Gun Skin In Battlegrounds Mobile India?

  • Use of external apps.
  • Doing crate opening up to 10 to 50 times.
How To Get Free M416 Glacier Gun Skin In Battlegrounds Mobile India?

1. Use of external apps :-

when we say that you should use external app for getting M416 glacier skin, we mean to use a auto clicker app, this app name is [ Auto clicker], we will provide the link in the end of article, so you can download it, this app helps in clicking multiple times, you have to chose your target where you want that the app only clicks on that target, some people stated that this app really works, so you can try it once, moreover you have to spend some UC for getting M416, some people are really lucky that they get M416 in only 1 opening of classic crate, but some spends lakhs of UC and not get their favorite gun skin. So you have to collect classic crates and then do crate opening up to 10 to 50 times.

2. Crate opening up to 10 to 50 times :-

So it means that, you should open upto 50 classic crate coupons, and you should open crate by tapping multiple times on glacier M416 Gun Skin, sometime people also get glacier skin by tapping multiple times on it.

50 classic crate is enough for getting M416 glacier, but in some rare cases it takes up to 100 to 200 crates, but as our assumption you will get glacier skin in 50 classic crates opening, and do classic crate opening by tapping multiple times on the thing that you want.

That’s it, make sure to share your valuable thoughts about m416 glacier in comment box below, thank you.

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