Guide To Claim Free Marquis Sports Car Skin In Free Fire Max

Garena’s latest collaboration with world famous personality ‘Justin Beiber’ is currently going on in free fire battle royale game max Version with so many eye catching rewards that gamers definitely wants to obtain for their inventory, in this post we will talk about how to get newly launched marquis sports car skin in free fire max, so let’s get started.

Marques Sports Car Free

This brand new awesome marques Sports car skin is available to claim for free during the 5th anniversary event called ‘J.Biebs Concert’, you have to join this exclusive event to get rewards based on

Here’s the complete steps available below that you should follow to get this rare sports car for your free fire max account inventory.

Marques Sports Car Free
  1. Firstly you have to login in your main free fire account using your desired method.
  2. Now, you have jump into the ‘J.Biebs: beautiful love’ option by clicking on it.
  3. Then, watch the Virtual concert performed by Justin Bieber’s character in free fire max.
  4. You should watch complete concert to acquire exclusive rewards.
  5. At the end of concert, players can collect free rewards.
  6. Now, open the ‘Calendar’ section, and then tap on J.Biebs live concert to see & collect the amazing marquis sports car skin for free of cost.

free fire j biebs

Conclusion: J.Biebs is one of the biggest collaboration in free fire max ever, players have a great chance to obtain free rewards based on this special event, this event will be going to end in 2nd week of September month.

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