Best Trick: PUBG Mobile Lite Free BC Coins Generator In 2022

PUBG Mobile Lite is one of the best battle royale title to play on budget android devices, because this game comes with eye catching graphics & smooth gameplay.

The lite version of PUBG Mobile also comes with so many in game items includes gun skins, outfits, vehicle skins, backpack skins & more, which is too similar like the main version.

As we know we need plenty of BC coins to obtain top notch items like Winner pass, gun skins & amazing outfits for our inventory, so in this post we are going to share with you the best trick to generate free BC coins in PUBG Mobile lite, so let’s get started.



Note – there are so many websites available on the internet which claims to generate free bc coins, but the majority of these types of website are fake, but we will share some genuine ways below to generate some bc coins for absolutely free.

1. Participate In Daily Tournaments

According to us, this is the best way to get unlimited bc coins to claim in game rewards, You should participate in unofficial PUBG Mobile lite tournaments organized by third party, you can search on discord to get best PUBG Mobile lite custom rooms with BC coins as a winning rewards, if you have a good squad with decent skill level then you can easily earn up to 1000 BC coins every day.

2. Discount Offers

2. Discount Offers

Normally, we get only 3500 BC coins by spending almost 45$, but with the special offer we have a great chance to claim 3500 + 1750 extra BC coins, it means total collected coins will be 5250 in the same amount, this discount offer will be applied in majority of purchases except some cases.

Conclusion: there are dozens of more ways to earn BC coins, but we suggest you to use ethical ways to get free bc coins and do not trust on illegal ways, because your PUBG mobile lite account may get banned due to illegal battle coins ( BC ) purchase, thank you.

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