PUBG Mobile Best Sensitivity Settings In 2023

pro pubg players always finding ways to improve their skills everyday, because now it is real hard to get chicken dinner in every game, and the reason is new pubg players who comes with new skills and gameplay tactics.

Sensitivity plays a key role in every pubg player journey to become noob to pro gamer, in this post we are going to tell you best sensitivity setting for pubg mobile in 2023 year, you can definitely go with these settings if you think your current sensitivity is not perfect.

Best Sensitivity For Pubg Mobile

Best Sensitivity For Close Range In Pubg Mobile 2023

Mainly, most of the pubg players are lagged in close range fight, and we want to tell you close range fights helps you most to get high kills, you can improve your gameplay skills with this close range sensitivity settings.

3rd person no scope 50
1st person no scope 50
red dot 100
2x scope 120
3x scope 150
4x scope 80
6x scope 60
8x scope 30

Best Sensitivity For Mid Range In Pubg Mobile 2023

Mid range fights is really important to throw pressure on enemy squad, but again some pubg player are unable to dominate in mid range fights, and the main reason is wrong sensitivity, you can play with our suggested sensitivity settings if you think your mid range fights is too weak.

3rd person no scope70
1st person no scope70
red dot110
2x scope130
3x scope 160
4x scope100
6x scope80
8x scope 40

Best Sensitivity For Long Range In Pubg Mobile 2023

Snipers are really helpful to get quick knocks in long range fights, assault rifle like m416 and scarl are not easy to handle in long range fights, that’s why we need to use Mini14, Kar98k, Awm and other sniper rifles, so here is the best settings for long range battles in pubg mobile.

3rd person no scope30
3rd person no scope30
red dot150
2x scope 180
3x scope 200
4x scope 140
6x scope 40
8x scope 20

At the end we want to say that these sensitivity settings might not work for everyone but you can customize it according to your gameplay style to get best output in 2023 year.

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