5 Best Guns To Use In Pubg Mobile 2023

Pubg Mobile is evolving day by day and pro players need to adopt new skills and new weapons, According to a report almost every pro pubg player used m416 with 6x scope in 2023, but now time has changed, in todays post we will tell you about the 5 best guns in pubg mobile which you can use in 2023 year.

List Of The 5 Best Guns In Pubg Mobile

1Thompson SMG
2Mini 14DMR
3Uzi SMG
5Mk 47 MutantAssault

Thompson Sub Machine Gun

Smg rifle Thompson is really underrated gun of 2023, but lot’s of Chinese pro players prefer this gun for short range fights, and the reason is low recoil and high fire rate, but currently casual players who are grinding in classic matches not showing interest in Thompson gun.

Gun Name Thompson
Fire RateHigh
Recoil Low
AttachmentsSmg Suppressor

Mini 14 DMR Rifle

DMR category gun mini 14 is normally used by snipers and long range specialist players in 2023, If you loved sniping then you definitely use mini 4 on single tap tap mode in 2021, mini 14 damage is too high and we can easily handle this powerful gun in pubg mobile.

Gun NameMini 14
Fire RateLow ( Single tap mode )
AttachmentsAR Compressor

Uzi Smg Rifle

Uzi is the beast and undefeatable gun in pubg mobile battle royale in 2023, this gun comes with highest fire rate and zero recoil, most of the pro close range players already adopt Uzi Gun.

Gun NameUzi
Fire RateHigh
Attachments Extended Mag

Scarl Assault Rifle

Currently most of the pro player prefer m416 as a assault rifle instead of scarl in 2023, but scarl gun is really is to control and you can easily use this gun with 4x and 6x.

Gun NameScarl
Fire Rate High
Recoil Low
Attcachments Half Grip

MK47 Mutant Gun

Mk47 Mutant is another top level gun for close and mid range fights, we can use this gun on single and brust mode ( Depends on situation ), this gun is popular because of the high damage and spawn rate in 2023.

Gun NameMK47 Mutant
Fire Rate Low ( Single and brust mode )

That’s it, make sure to tell us about your favorite PUBG MOBILE Gun of 2023 year in comment box below, thank you.

Kanhaiya Patidar

Kanhaiya Patidar is content reviewer for adixesports, he is from Ratlam ( Madhya Pradesh ), for sure this 20 year boy has sharp writing skills.

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