How To Get Silver Fragments Using BP In BGMI?: Convert BP Into Silver Fragments

Battlegrounds Mobile India offers various in game items to get for free using silver Fragments, but there is too limited ways available to earn silver Fragments, and battle coins ( BP ) is one of the best method.

We have option to convert BP coins into silver Fragments, which we can use to obtain top quality and rare rewards without spending real money, in this post we will guide you to get free silver Fragments in bgmi using BP coins, so here we go.

there is no direct way available to convert Battle coins ( BP ) into silver Fragments ( SF ), but we will follow a breif trick available below in 2 points.

1. Use BP To Open Soldier Crates

Firstly, move to the soldiers crate section under crate option, now here’s you can Unlimited crates using BP, first crate opening will cost you around 700BP, then 1400BP for second, 2800BP for third and follow….

For example: if you have 10000 BP, then you have chance to open at least 30 to 40 soldiers crates depending on how much BP do you have in your bgmi account, you might get male/female set, time limited gun skins and more.

2. Dismantle Items From Inventory

Now you have to dismantle items from your Inventory in exchange of silver Fragments, which you received from soldiers crate opening.

( Note: we can only dismantle items which has more than one peace in our inventory section. )

2. Dismantle Items From Inventory
  1. Open Inventory section and explore all items one by one includes outfits, treasurers, backpack etc.
  2. Tap on dismantle option available at the right side middle, and then select all.
  3. Now all duplicate items will be selected, just click on redeem to get silver fragments in exchange of duplicate items earned from soldiers crate using BP.
1. Use BP To Open Soldier Crates

Nihit Sehgal

a Student of physics from Sangrur ( Punjab ), he is battleroyale gamer with deep knowledge of eSports, which made him passionate about writing, he joined adixesports in August 2022.

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