CRICKET 22 ( PC GAME ) Batting Tips: Timing, Camera Angles & Controls Settings

Cricket 22 set a new bar for the other pc cricket games in graphics & gameplay experience, undoubtedly this is the most realistic cricket game ever with motion captured shots, bowling action, real commentary and many more other unique features.

Cricket 22 comes with diverse batting Controls with hundreds of shots, but if you are playing on custom difficulty level then it is too hard to play shots & win matches, so in this post we are going to guide you about cricket 22 batting controls & share with you some Batting tips, which might help you to become a pro Cricket gamer, so here we go.

Batting Controls For PlayStation & XBOX – CRICKET 22

L2 – Field View
L – Shot Direction
L3 – See Strength & weakness
L1 – Grounded Shot
R2 – Backfoot Hold
R1 – Unorthodox Shot
∆ – Defensive Shot
O – Aggressive Shot
X – Attacking Shot
▢ – Precision Shot
R – Leave/ Pad
R3 – Advance Up Crease
Option – Pause Game


VCreaseIcrease positioning
Left Click MouseLook Around FieldBackspaceTactics menu
Left ShiftToggle AdvanceArrow KeysAim Shot
Arrow KeysAim ShotAprecision shot
Left ShiftToggle AdvanceWDefensive shot
QGrounded ShotTABLeave
CtrlBackfoot shotDRun Cancel
EUnorthodox ShotWDive
SAttacking ShotSpace ( Hold )Sprint
DLofted ShotARun

Batting Tips

Timing: Timing is the most important parameter to play a perfect shot, you have to master timing according to the ball speed, bounce & variation to avoid mistime shots.

Shot selection : it is really important to select the best shot according to bowl length, also you should play defensive shots to get singles instead of playing unorthodox shots on every bowl.

Camera Angles : Camera Angle is another parameter which might affect your performance in cricket 22 game, broadcast 3 & batting close is the 2 best camera angles available in the game to choose.

That’s it about cricket 22 batting tips to improve performance, you can share your valuable views about this post on [email protected], thank you.

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