Fang Pet Ability: How To Get Free Fang Pet In Free Fire?

FREE FIRE: Pet adds extra power which we can use while playing duo or squad match in the free fire battle royale.

As we know free fire upcoming OB36 update will be arrived on 14th September 2022 with new Rewards includes new pet named ‘Fang Pet’, in this post we will guide you to obtain this brand new upcoming pet skin for your free fire account inventory.

Ability Of Fang Pet In Free Fire

Fang pet has insane ability which helps up to boost up EP & HP, if you are using Chrono, Wukong or any other character which not has power to boost EP & HP, then you should definitely use Fang pet to get extra power while playing in classic matches.

Ability Of Fang Pet In Free Fire


  1. Get 30 EP boost, if your HP was full while getting knocked down.
  2. Get 15 EP boost, if your HP is half while getting knocked down.
  3. Cooldown is set on 25 at skill level 3 of Level 7 pet.

How To Obtain Fang Pet?

If you have diamonds earned for free using free methods then of course you can use it to get newest Fang pet to use in the battlefield, otherwise here’s the available ways below to get it by using diamonds.

How To Obtain Fang Pet?

Top Up Event: This new pet will surely Available in the upcoming top event released after OB36 update, where you can obtain fang pet and other free rewards in 100 to 200 diamonds easily, so you should wait for the new top up event in free fire.

Pet store section: this is the best normal way to get pets in free fire, fang pet will be available soon in pet section under game store to obtain it by using 699 diamonds.

Conclusion: That’s it about this post, so if you are interested to share your views about this new Fox theme based fang pet, then contact us on [email protected], THANK YOU.

Sailesh Meghwal

Sailesh meghwal is a student of BSc Animation, from Jashpur ( Chhattisgarh ), he loves to spend time playing video games, joined adixesports in July 2022 to continue his writing passion.

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