Free Fire Season 35 Elite Pass – Redeem Code, Rewards & How to get Free?

Free fire season 35 has been launched on 1 april 2021,  this new season based on horror theme named as Bloodwing City, in this post we are going to share with you the best trick to get season 35 elite pass for free and the list of some redeem codes, so let’s get started.

Rewards list – Free fire season 35 Elite pass

Jeep – Bloodwing CityBloodwing Hoodie
Bloodwing Lass bundleVampire Bat backpack
Bloodwing SlasherThompson – Bloodwing City
Bloodsuckers – AvatarTriple Kicks emote
Double Gold CardBloodwing Surfboard
Bloodwing Lad bundleBloodwing City Loot Box

Elite Pass Price In Free Fire game

There is 2 types of bundles are available with season 35, both are to expensive.

Elite bundle – free fire elite bundle comes with elite pass along with some other premium items based on season 35 theme, you have to spend 999 diamonds to redeem Elite bundle.

Elite Pass – Elite pass is cheaper than elite bundle, you can get elite pass in just 499 diamonds.

How to get free fire season 35 elite pass for free?

How to get free fire season 35 elite pass for free?

You have 2 option to get season 35 free Elite pass

1. Giveaways – there are hundreds of giveaways organised by famous free fire streamers on youtube, you can checkout your favourite streamer channel and follow the giveaway rules, you might get free elite pass of season 35 or free unlimited diamonds.

2. Custom rooms – you need to earn money to get free elite pass by playing in paid custom rooms, if you think that your squad has pro skills then you should definitely participate in daily free fire custom rooms to get money and after that you can buy elite pass.

Free Fire Season 35 Elite Pass Redeem Codes


There are just few redeem codes left for the season 35 free elite pass, you can copy & then visit free fire rewards redemption site to get elite pass for your free fire Account.

That’s it, make sure to mention about your favourite items from season 35 elite pass in free fire game, comment box is open for you below.

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