Free Fire: OB28 Update, Release Date, New Characters, Pets, Redeem Codes June 2021

Hello free fire lovers, As we all know free fire launch a new update in every two months, for enhancing the game and for the enjoyment of his users, as you know the ob27 update launched on 12 April 2021, the update gain a lot of popularity, update results a massive hit, and all the free fire users loved the ob27 update.

Now the ob28 update is going to release and all the free fire users are very excited for the ob28 update, so here we are providing all the information regarding ob28 update, new character, new pet, abilities, release date, So here we go.


The new ob28 update can be seen on June 8th or 9th 2021, from watching its previous update – cycle, the ob28 update are going to release on 8th June or 9th June 2021 (UTC) globally.



The ob28 update brings a new character called as D-bee, it can be seen in the advance server for now, after the update you may or may not see this character in game.

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D-bee has the ability called bullet beats, in this ability when the character fire while moving the movement speed increases up to 35 percent and also accuracy increases by 35 percent, the ability has different levels, from level 1 to level 6, at his last level the  movement and accuracy increases up to 70 percent.



The ob28 update has new pet named as dr. beanie, it has been added to advance server first, it has an ability called as dashy duck walk, in this ability, while using this pet, it increases the speed of movement of  crouching  of the character about 30 percent in its minimum level, and in his maximum level the speed of movement of crouching increases up to 60 percent.

OB28 Redeem Codes

Reward – Water fest 2021 avatar & banner, Redeem Code – ZKC8ZS35GU3V

Reward – Weapon Loot Crate, Evolution Stone, Incubator Voucher, Redeem Code – ZFMUVTLYSLSC


the ob28 update has two new weapons, it has been added to the free fire advance server for now,  the name of the two weapons are kingfisher and uzi both weapons have hight fire rate speed.

New lobby

the ob28 update can also contain a new lobby, it can be seen in the advance server for now, the lobby has some purple effect in its background, with the mention of world series Indonesia finals.

New character enhancement

the free fire developers developed some characters on ob28 advance server, it includes characters like, clu, laura and paloma,  the clue ability range has been enhanced, the accuracy of laura has been increased and now Paloma can carry 180 bullets of any type.

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