Free Fire : Unlimited Gloo Walls, Grenades & smoke grenades in clash squad mode

Free Fire Unlimited Gloo walls & grenades : clash squad is one of the most popular mode in free fire, because players who have low-end devices are facing lag and that is why they preferd to play clash squad mode as compare of battle royale, in this post we are going to know everything about Unlimited gloo walls, grenades & smoke grenades to use in clash squad mode.

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1. How to get Unlimited Grenades In clash Squad?

If you want to get Unlimited grenades to use in clash squad mode then just follow our simple tricks.

( This trick will be applied for every round in same match )

1. Enter in clash squad mode
2. Now, tap on equipped with grenade option
3. Off & on internet connection on your device
4. Start tapping on grenade button for at least 10-20 times
5. That’s it, now you can use Unlimited grenades to throw on enemy squad in clash squad.

2. How To Get Unlimited Gloo walls In Clash Squad?

We can only use maximum 3 gloo walls in each clash squad round, but now we have an trick to enjoy unlimited gloo walls.

1. Enter in clash squad mode
2. Drop your all gloo walls close to the red circle in spawn area
3. Then off/on your internet connection
4. Collect all gloo walls again
5. There are 2 gloo walls will be increase with every attempt.

( You need to win every round in clash squad mode to use this unlimited gloo walls trick multiple times. )

3. How To Get Unlimited Smoke Grenades In Free Fire?

Smoke Grenades is one of the best equipment to dominate in clash squad mode, here is the best trick to get Unlimited smoke grenades.

1. Start new clash squad match
2. Hold one smoke grenade in your hand
3. On/off your device internet connection
4. Tap on smoke grenade button multiple times.
5. That’s it, trick is activated, make sure to recheck your ping before fighting.

Make sure to share your experiences of using Unlimited Gloo Walls, Grenades & smoke grenades in clash squad mode, comment box available below, thank you.

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