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Hey gamers welcome to ADIX ESPORTS, garena provides us some guidelines to follow in free fire game, and all free fire players need to complying with these guidelines, but some times we do mistakes unintentionally and then garena ban our free fire account, after that we need to contact free fire support team to unban our account, and free fire account creation date is really important, so in this post we will teach you that how to check account creation date in free fire game, so let’s get started.

First up it is very important that your free fire account was created with facebook, because there is only one method available to know the exact account creation date of free fire account, and we are unable to do this without Facebook login.

Now you just have to follow these simple steps –

free fire account creation date checking Steps

free fire account creation date checking Steps

1. Login to your facebook account, which is linked with free fire.
2. Now hit to the 3 dots available on left side top.
3. Checkout settings and then apps & websites section.
4. Now just visit the login with Facebook items and know the free fire account creation date easily.

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