Top 3 Best Bike Games Download For Android In 2021: Release date & Requirements

In our new era gaming is one of the most important thing in daily life, people love to refresh their minds by playing games, they release some positive dopamine’s that later help in the daily work of the players, Peoples love to play bike racing games.

getting ahead of each other sometimes crashing and at the end winning, so in this post we are bringing you top 3 bike racing games that will boost your energy, we will provide the download link in this post so you can download it from the play store, so here we go.

3. Bike hunter war 3D

Bike hunter war 3D is a newly launched game in 2021, the game stated that it is one of the exciting bike racing games, the game has very few downloads and only 100 reviewers so we can not judge the game to soon, the game can be boring for some players while it can be very interesting for some players, by looking at the provided images of the game we can estimate that the graphics is not that much higher, the size of the game is also very decent any smartphone can handle the game.

Bike Hunter War 3D : New Moto Race Bike Game 2021
  • Game name : Bike hunter war 3D.
  • Release date : 10th of March 2021.
  • Last update : 10th of March 2021.
  • Downloads : 10 thousand plus.
  • Current version : 1.001

1.It has awesome highway environment.
2.the game has good quality of sound.
3.the game has outstanding 3D visuals.

Android processor : up to QUALCOMM snapdragon 350.
Android version : Up to 5.1+
Internal storage : Up to 8GB.
Ram: Up to 2GB.

2. Bike stunt 3D trick master : free racing games 2021

Bike stunt 3D is a newly launched bike racing and stunt game, the reviews of the game are excellent it has got 5 star in play store with 2 thousand reviewers and 10 thousand plus downloads, the game has multiple modes, multiple bikes, you will rarely feel bore while playing this game, the levels of the game are very interesting and challenging, the size of the game is also very decent any low end device can handle the game.

2. Bike stunt 3D trick master : free racing games 2021

As the game is new there are new updates also have to come which make the game more interesting, as the game becomes more popular the reviews can also be reduced from 5 star to any estimated review, It can also be fixed with the updates that makes the game more interesting.

  • Game name : Bike stunt 3D trick master.
  • Release date : 14th of May 2021.
  • Last update : 27th of May 2021.
  • Downloads : Ten thousand plus.
  • Current version : 1.5

Features :
1.The game is very  easy to use.
2.the game has flexible controls.
3.the game has multiple modes.
4.You can unlock highway and bikes.

Android processor : QUALCOMM snapdragon 350.
Android version : 5.1+
Internal storage : Up to 8GB.
Ram : Up to 2GB.

1. SBK16 Official mobile game

SBK16 is somewhere a old game but still it is one of the best moto racing games and people are very positive about this game, they have been stated that this is the best bike racing game also in 2021, the game has awesome bikes, awesome gameplay, bigger laps, famous titles, easy to control and many more things, the game has awesome graphics, the game looks like real bike racing and you will definitely enjoy this game, there are very famous bikes like Kawasaki, Ducati, Honda, MV agusta, Yamaha or BMW. The size of the game is somewhere high and you will require a decent smartphone that can handle this game.

1. SBK16 Official mobile game

Game name : SBK16 official mobile game.
Release date : 21st of July 2016.
Last update : 20th of August 2018.
Downloads : 10 Million plus.
Current version : 1.4.2

1.You can take rider views from different angles and different views.
2.there are 4 different game modes, that includes quick race, time attack and test ride.
3.Each race contains 24 riders that is from international roster.

Requirements :
Android processor : Up to QUALCOMM snapdragon 636.
Android version : Up to 7.0+
Internal storage : up to 32 GB.
Ram: Up to 3GB.

That’s it, make sure to share your thoughts with us in comment box below, thank you.

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