Best Sensitivity For Pubg Mobile To Use In 2023

Hello Guys Welcome To Adix Esports, Pubg Mobile is a survival game And we have to kill all the enemy players to survive in the game. but it is not easy at all, Because there are lot of pro players in pubg mobile whose skill set are next level.

do you know? Gaming Sensitivity is most important for any pro player, but many noob players don’t know, what should be the best sensitivity for pubg With Gyroscope, Without Gyroscope, For Assaulter and Sniper. so don’t worry because In this post, we are going to give you all the information related to the best pubg mobile sensitivity you should use in 2023 year to become a pro.

Which Is The Best Sensitivity For Pubg Mobile?

WeaponSensitivityGyroscopeScope Guide
M416150350Use With 6x
DP28100300Use With 4x
AKM100200Use With Red Dot
KAR98K5050Use With 8X
MINI1470120Use With 8x
Uzi200400Use With Holo

What Is Sensitivity In Pubg Mobile? ( 2023 )

First Of All Lets Talk About What Is Sensitivity In Pubg Mobile, Sensitivity is very important in Pubg Mobile, because it is very difficult for any Pubg Player to play the game without knowledge of sensitivity.

Sensitivity is a very important tool in Pubg Mobile, by setting it, we can move the screen fast or slow as we wish. We can set the sensitivity between 1 to 400, And also we have full control of sensitivity, we can change it any time.

there are 4 types of sensitivity in pubg mobile And all are used differently. So let’s talk in detail about the all four types of sensitivity in pubg mobile.

Camera Sensitivity ( Free Look )

Camera sensitivity ( free look ) is not so important for pubg players, We can use this sensitivity in spectate mode and bird eye view. Lots Of Players Set this sensitivity on default settings.

As we say maximum players use default free look sensitivity. But we will provide you customized camera sensitivity ( free look ), you can use this sensitivity settings in spectate mode and bird eye view.

Types Of Sensitivity

Camera Sensitivity ( Normal )

This Sensitivity is effective when we swipe screen without firing, newbie players mainly use default settings of camera sensitivity.

ADS Sensitivity ( 2023 )

ADS Sensitivity is most important tool for any non-gyroscope player. this sensitivity is mainly affect when the screen is swiped while firing. ADS sensitivity helps us to control recoil.

Gyroscope ( 2023 )

Pubg Mobile Allows there players to use the gyroscope sensor in mobile devices. with this feature We can move screen without using our fingers.

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