8 Best Cricket Games With Career Mode In 2023

Player career games is one of the most trending & demanding feature in any sports game, and especially in cricket games, in this post we will suggest you 8 best cricket games to play & enjoy career mode in your pc, console or even in a mobile phone, so here we go.

1. Cricket 22

Big Ant Studio’s ( Developers ) introduces career mode with story in Cricket 22, surely this is the best cricket gaming title to get real life experience in a video game, this game is available for PC and consoles.

Game Cricket 22
PublisherBig Ant Studios
Release Date2021

Highlighted Features Of Cricket 22*

  • Create your very own player and start journey from the grassroot level with domestic competitions.
  • Score runs and take wicket to get selected for the domestic t20 leagues and first class tournaments around the world.
  • perform well in t20 leagues to get called up to represent your national team as a player.
  • you can also be the national team captain depending on your performance in every single match.

2. Cricket Career 2016

cricket career 2016 was developed & published Zealcity in April 2016 with the special appearance of former Indian test cricket Murli Vijay, this game comes with all major domestic leagues & international tournaments where you can grow from a rookie players to an international star.

Game Cricket Career 2016
Release Date7 April 2016
Game Size87.92 MB ( Android )
Downloads5 Million+ ( google play store )

Highlighted Features Of Cricket Career 2016*

  1. 30 plus real cricket stadiums around the world.
  2. 300+ teams in domestic leagues & 10 international teams.
  3. commentary of former Indian cricketer Kris Srikkanth.
  4. super 3d gameplay experience.

3. WCC3: Career Mode

World cricket championship 3 ( WCC3 ) career mode is one of the most interesting of this popular cricket game, but if you want to enjoy player career mode in wcc3 then firstly you have to unlock it with 499 platinum coins or 249 INR.

Game World Cricket Championship 3
PublisherNextwave Multimedia
Release Date13 September 2020
Game Size1.04 GB ( Android )
Downloads10 Million+ ( google play store )

Highlighted Features Of WCC3 Career Mode*

  1. complete 3d gameplay experience with realistic graphics.
  2. English, Hindi, Tamil & Urdu commentary.
  3. Complete player customization includes face, body shape, name etc.
  4. all major domestic & international tournaments includes NPL & world cup.
  5. play more than 400 matches across 3 formats, Domestic, Leagues, Internationals.

4. World Cricket Battle 2: Career Mode

World cricket battle 2 is developed & published by ‘creative monkey games’, WCB2 Career mode comes with unique story based mode, where players can bring journey from the street to the world stage & represent national team.

Game World Cricket Battle 2
PublisherCreative monkey games
Release Date28 September 2018
Game Size443 MB ( Android )
Downloads10 Million+ ( google play store )

Highlighted Features Of WCB2 Career Mode*

  1. most unique story based player career mode.
  2. complete journey of a rookie street player to a professional cricketer.
  3. realistic gameplay experience includes, rain interruption, DRS, ultra edge detection etc.

5. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Sachin saga cricket champions is the official game of ‘greatest of all time’ Sachin Tendulkar, you can relive best & all popular innings of sachin’s career in this game, also there are more new exciting features available in Sachin saga cricket champions.

Game Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
PublisherJetsynthesys Inc.
Release Date6 December 2017
Game Size206 MB ( Android )
Downloads10 Million+ ( google play store )

Highlighted Features Of Sachin Saga Cricket Champions*

  1. Relive Journey of G.O.A.T Sachin Tendulkar.
  2. PvP real time multiplayer mode.
  3. Unique Sachin saga premier league.

6. Cricket Captain 2022

Cricket captain 2022 is another great game to relive journey of an cricket players, but in this game you have to lead your domestic & international side as a captain, this game is based on match simulation, you will have limited controls.

cricket captain 2021
Game Cricket Captain 2022
PublisherChildish Things
Release Date2022
Game SizeBelow 500MB
Downloads100k+ ( google play store )

Highlighted Features Of Cricket Captain 2022*

  1. ODI & test championship mode.
  2. all major international & domestic tourneys.
  3. manage your national side in time simulation cricket game.

7. New Star Cricket

New star cricket is one of the most unique cricket career mode game of this list, this game is developed & published by ‘Five Aces Publishing Ltd.’, in this game you can create own player and bring your journey as a cricket player from domestic competitions.

Game New Star Cricket
PublisherFive Aces Publishing LTD.
Release Date23 November 2016
Game Size33 MB ( Android )
Downloads100k+ ( google play store )

Highlighted Features Of New Star Cricket*

  1. hire your personalized agent, trainer, coach to develop your talent.
  2. enjoy casino, own horse races.
  3. manage happiness of your boss, teammates, sponsors & fans, depends own your activity.

8. Cricket Megastars

Last but not the least, cricket Megastars is published by ‘Distinctive Games’, this is another super fun game where you can become a cricketing megastar.

Game Cricket Megastars
PublisherDistinctive Games
Release Date28 July 2017
Game Size96 MB ( Android )
Downloads100 million+ ( google play store )

that’s it, here’s all popular & best cricket games to play my player career mode in the year of 2023.

Kanhaiya Patidar

Kanhaiya Patidar is content reviewer for adixesports, he is from Ratlam ( Madhya Pradesh ), for sure this 20 year boy has sharp writing skills.

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