Gully Cricket Game Download ( 2.0 ): Features, Tips & PC Download

hey gamers, street cricket is the most common hobby of every Indian child, because we enjoyed most while playing cricket in gullies with friends, So do you want to get same experience in a android video game?, let’s talk about Gully Cricket Game in detail.

Gully Cricket Game was initially released way back in 2015 by, the current version 2.0 is available to download on play store which was lastly updated on 22 June 2020, you can download Gully Cricket Game Latest 2.0 version apk by following button below.

Gully Cricket Game Features Explained

Gully Cricket Game Features Explained

Arcade Mode: Arcade mode is a 5 over contest, but we just have 5 wickets in hand, we have to top the leaderboard by scoring maximum runs to win.

Tournament: In tournaments mode, we have to compete against other teams of our gully in round robin format, there are 15+ tournaments option available to play and win.

Gully Ka Raja: this is the best mode of the game, we have to beat 15 other teams of 3 different gullies, they will comeback and challenge you again even after you have beat all of them.

  • Contact umpire before a important match to ensure win.
  • complete daily challenges to earn coins.
  • dynamic bowling systems ensure you will never get bored due to same bowling.
  • New and funnier attraction were added with every update.
  • Pre-built gully cricket scenarios to test your cricket game awareness.

Graphics & Gameplay Quality: Graphics Gully Cricket game is decent and comparable with any other midcore android cricket game, also 33.85 MB game size make it one of the best to play on budget range mobile phone.


  1. Play with mobile volume on to experience the gully cricket matches you have played in your childhood.
  2. play seriously to win every match and top the leaderboard.
  3. Gullies Names: Pathan Wadi, B.D.D Chawl, D’ Costa Lane.

PC Download

you can also download and gully cricket game on your pc by using emulator, make sure to use any legit and authentic emulator software to avoid bugs and errors.

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