Cricket 22: Bowling Tips, Controls For Gamepad & Keyboard

Cricket 22 is currently the most hyped cricket game available for console’s & pc, this game is developed & published by Australian game developers ‘Big Ant Studios’ and launched in December last year.

Cricket 22 batting & bowling realism is far better than any other game that available currently, In this post we are going to share with you the best bowling controls & bowling tips to take wickets in this extraordinary cricket game.

Bowling Tips

If you are playing on medium or upper level then it is really tough to take wickets, because Ai batting sense has improved a lot in this new version cricket 22.

Here’s the bowling tips you should keep in mind while bowling in cricket 22.

Variations: bowling variation is most important to trick batsman mind & take wickets in cricket 22 game, Slower balls & Yorker is the best option to bowl.

Bowling Speed: Changing in bowling action also may result mistime by batsman, as we say AI batting is improved a lot, so you have to keep changes bowling speed on every bowl.

Pitch: Pitch plays key role in cricket 22 game, you should use fast bowlers on green pitch instead of medium pacers or spin bowlers.

CRICKET 22 Bowling Controls For Gamepad

Standard Pre-Delivery

Standard Pre-Delivery
  • Field View : LT
  • Special Delivery : RT
  • Delivery Selection : LS
  • Quick Tactics : Up
  • Crease Approach Left/Right : Left/Right
  • RUB Ball : Down
  • Full Length : Y
  • Short Length : B
  • Good Length : A
  • Yorker Length : X
  • Look Around Field : RS

Standard During Delivery – Pace

Standard During Delivery - Pace
  • Delivery Line : LS
  • Faster Delivery : B
  • Standard Delivery : A
  • Slower Delivery : X

Standard During Delivery – Spin

Standard During Delivery - Spin
  • Delivery Line: LS
  • Flighted Delivery : Y
  • Effort Ball : B
  • Standard Delivery : A
  • Bouncer Delivery : X

CRICKET 22 Bowling Controls For Keyboard

KShine BallWSlower/Flighted
Arrow KeysAim Bowling MarkerDEffort bowl
J/LAdjust crease approachArrow KeysFine Tune Aim
ShiftToggle special deliveriesS/wStandard
Iopen tactics menuABouncer

That’s it about this post regarding cricket 22 bowling tips & controls, if you have more queries then share with us on [email protected]

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