How To Unlock Wcc3 Career Mode For Free In 2023

Cricket games is so popular in India, And that’s why many cricket games are available on play store. Wcc3 ( world cricket championship 3 ) is favorite game of Indian gamers in 2023 year. The reason for the game being so popular is the great graphics and gameplay.

After the launch of the new version, the game has become even more intense and fun. In this post you can see how to download wcc3 and more tips about brand new career mode. So lets know everything about wcc3.

How To Download Wcc3 In 2023?

There are several ways to download the new version of the Wcc3 game. The size of this game is 629 MB. It is also available for download on Play Store and many other platforms. You can follow our tips to download wcc3 game.

Step 1 – Open Play store in your android phone and search wcc3.

Step 2 – Just click on install button and your download will automatically starts in 2 or 3 seconds.

Step 3 – Make sure you have atleast 700 mb data and good 4g internet connection for fast download.

How To Unlock Career Mode In Wcc3? ( 2023 )

how to unlock career moe in wcc3

My Career Mode is the new mode of Wcc3, which includes many new and fun features. But to play Career Mode, we have to unlock it first, so let’s know how we can unlock Wcc3 Career Mode.

If you want to unlock my career mode in wcc2 than you can try these 2 methods. 1st is paid and second is totally free of cost.

 Purchase With 249 Indian Rupees

Wcc3 career mode

first way is paid but it is best for those players who play only one or 2 hours a day. You can buy this mode for Rs 249 through In game purchases System.

Wcc3 My Career Mode Unlock Free

If You Don’t want to purchase this mode then you can follow these simple steps to unlock wcc2 my career mode for free.

  • You Can Unlock My career mode with Platinum Coins.
  • You need 499 platinum coins to unlock my career mode.
  • Daily mission is the only way to earn platinum coins.
  • You can earn up to 20 platinum coins in a day by completing daily missions
  • If you complete all the missions daily, you will be able to unlock My Career Mode after 25 days.

How To Complete Daily Mission In Wcc3?

wcc3 missions

Daily mission list

  1. Collect Your Daily Claim – In this mission, you just have to come online and claim rewards. You will get 1 platinum coins everyday with this mission.
  2. Play on online rivals game – In this mission you have to play one match daily in online rivals mode. you can get 2 platinum coins everyday by completing this mission.
  3. Score at least a four in any mode – You can complete this mission by hitting a four in any mode. You will receive 2 more platinum coins with this mission.
  4. Complete a quick play match of 2 overs or more – this is another easy mission which you can complete by playing a 2 overs quick match. You will rewarded 2 platinum coins after completing this mission.
  5. Complete all the daily missions – When you complete all the above mentioned missions, you will get 3 more extra platinum coins.

Now let’s See How You Can Convert 10 platinum coins in to 20 platinum coins

you can easily convert your coins to double just watch full ad when you claim your reward.

Wcc3 My Career Mode Guide

My career mode is one of the best feature ever in wcc3. you can start your own career from domestic league. Now we will give you some tips which may help you in career mode.

  1. Always select allrounder mode before starting your brand new career mode.
  2. You will be able to control only yourself, you will not have control of other players.
  3. Play safe and try to win every game.
  4. you will receive league and international points based on your performance.
  5. Your career will start with domestic match and end with world cup final.
  6. You can play t20 leagues and international tournaments in game with these points.


So this is everything about wcc3, we hope now you will know how to unlock career mode in wcc3 game in 2023 year and other things like download link and career mode guide.

We specially suggest you to dont buy career mode with 249 rupees. just use our simple tips and your career mode will definitely unlock in 5 days.

We have just told you the basic information about Wcc3 My Career mode, However you can play in career mode as per your choice.

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