Cricket 22 Vs Real cricket 22: Which Is Best Cricket Game Now?

When we talk about the best gaming title to enjoy cricketing action, then undoubtedly Cricket 22 & real Cricket 22 is the 2 ultimate beast Cricket games available in 2022 year, so in this post we are going to compare both games deeply and try to find out which is best video game to play cricket, so let’s get started.

Price & Availability

Price & Availability

Big Ant Studio’s sports title Cricket 22 is specifically designed for Pc & console’s, and we need a high end pc with decent specification to run this high quality cricket game in our pc, also we have to spend around 40-50$ to buy cricket 22 for various platforms.

Nautilus Mobile’s sports title Real cricket 22 is totally free to download from the google play store for Android & Apple app store for IOS, this game is available on mobile devices only, but we can also play real cricket 22 on PC via emulator method.

Graphics & Gameplay:

Graphics & Gameplay:

As we know Cricket 22 is an pc & Console’s game, so undoubtedly cricket 22 gameplay & graphics quality is better than real cricket 22, but users are facing are plenty of minor issues while playing cricket 22 includes bugs, FPS dropping & game crashed, however real cricket 22 graphics & gameplay quality is decent to play on mobile devices.

AI Batting & Bowling:

Cricket 22: AI batting & Bowling is too smart in this PC title, AI will play According to the match situation, for example: if 20 runs needed in the last over then AI will try to hit big shots on every bowl.

Real Cricket 22: However, Real Cricket 22’s AI is not perfect, because it plays According to difficulty level that we set before match, for example: if we set easy difficulty then AI batting & bowling will behave like a newbie.

Conclusion: According to us both are the best cricket games for specific platforms, as we know cricket 22 is not available on mobile platforms, that’s why real cricket 22 is the best to play on mobile devices, and same as cricket 22 is the best cricket game for pc and console platforms.

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