How to earn more clan medals in Clash of Clans?

Hello to all game lovers, since a very long time clash of clans is one of our favorite game and a very large population plays this game from all over the world, clash of clans new update has bring many new features in the game like – clan capital, some bugs fixed and many more thing. So in this post we are going to talk about how we can earn more clan medal in clash of clans, So lets begin.

First of all clan medal is the currency that is used for updating clan capital bases, clan medal is the most important thing for upgrading clan capital, for earning clan medal the cooperation of all clan members are necessary.

Methods for increasing clan medal :-

  1. By doing raids in raid battle.
  2. Daily collection of clan medals.
  3. by crafting clan medals in clan capital.

Explaining all three methods in brief :-

1.  By doing raids in raid weekend :-

raid weekend comes on every weekend on Thursday, and in raid weekend every member of the clan gets 5 attack, and if the member claims a three star attack, then he gets an extra attack, and in Clan raids every member can get upto 5000 clan medals, which is a very good amount.

2. Daily collecting clan medals :-

Every day the game gives clan medals according to the town hall, the townhall which are at higher levels gets more clan medals, like in town hall 10 the game gives 350 medals, and in town hall 11 the game gives 400 medals, and it kept on increasing.

3. By crafting clan medals :-

You can also earn many clan medals by crafting it, by upgrading the town hall the crafting cost increases so the medals also increases, we can craft medals by using the resources like gold, elixer, dark elixer, builder gold and builder elixer it takes a time of 3 days to craft the medals and requires one builder for crafting purpose.

Bhasker Shukla

fascinated about games & sports, writer & contributor for ADIX eSports.

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