Best Offline GTA games Download for android In 2022

Grand theft auto ( GTA ) is the most popular game of all time, but unfortunately GTA games is Only for the pc & console’s platforms.

Android phone users definitely wants to experience GTA open world, so in this post we are going to talk about 3 best open world games which similar like GTA, and you should definitely download & play these games, so here we go.

  1. Madout2 Big city Online
  2. Bully: Anniversary Edition
  3. Gang Town Story

1. Madout2 Big City Online

Madout2 big city online game is developed & published by ‘Madout Games’, and Released in May 2017, this is one of the best android game to experience open world action in realistic graphics & derailed gameplay.

Madout2 Big City Online
Game NameMadout2 Big City Online
GenreOpen World
Downloads10 Million+
Release Date1 May 2017
New Update25 April 2022 ( Version 10.48 )
Review 8.6/10

Top Features*

  1. More than 60 types of different cars
  2. Dozens of role playing missions includes Driver, loader etc.
  3. 10 kilometers ( km2 ) open world territory
  4. Story mission like GTA 5
open world games


Operating SystemAndroid 7.0 or higher
ProcessorSnapdragon 732G or similar/higher
Ram 6GB ( Recommended )
Storage128GB ( Recommended )
Game Size444MB

2. Bully: Anniversary Edition

This game is developed by GTA 5 publisher’s ‘Rockstar Games’, a detailed bully story includes mini games in class rooms, characters, missions & more, graphics of bully: Anniversary Edition is immense to compare with other open world games.

2. Bully: Anniversary Edition
Game NameBully: Anniversary Edition
GenreOpen World
Downloads1 Lakh+
Release Date7 December 2016
New Update27 November 2018 ( Version )
Review 5.6/10

Top Features*

  1. Eye catching Graphics with detailed textures, shadows & dynamic lighting.
  2. Offline & online mode with immense gameplay.
  3. Challenge a friend anywhere in Multiplayer mode.
  4. high intensity action packed school life bully story.
open world game download


Operating SystemAndroid 7.0 or higher
ProcessorSnapdragon 865 or similar/higher
Ram 6GB ( Recommended )
Storage128GB ( Recommended )
Game Size3.0GB

3. Gangs Town Story

Gangs Town Story is another great option to experience GTA action on Android phones, this game is developed & published by ‘Avega Games’ and recently completed 50 lakhs Downloads.

Gangs Town Story
Game NameGangs Town Story
GenreOpen World
Downloads50 Lakh+
Release Date24 February 2020
New Update18 July 2022 ( Version 0.18.2 )
Review 8/10

Top Features*

  • Get exciting open world vibes with drive, racing, shooting &, fight with gangs.
  • Build personal arsenal of weapons and be the leader of your gang.
  • Full of action includes car blasts, helicopter firing, police-theft chase & more.
open world


Operating SystemAndroid 7.0 or higher
ProcessorSnapdragon 665 or similar/higher
Ram 4GB ( Recommended )
Storage64GB ( Recommended )
Game Size726MB

Sailesh Meghwal

Sailesh meghwal is a student of BSc Animation, from Jashpur ( Chhattisgarh ), he loves to spend time playing video games, joined adixesports in July 2022 to continue his writing passion.

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