How To Play Chess? : Best Chess Games To Play In 2022

Chess is one of the most popular game in the world, and it is the most patient checking game, it enhances your critical thinking level, you have to be very careful while playing this game as one small mistake can lead you into your defeat, you should also know to study your opponents move and make your counter move to defeat your opponent, in this article we are going to give you complete guidance on how to play chess and how the different characters in chess move, so here we go.

Best Chess Games In 2022

Best Chess Games In 2022

( Note – all 3 games are available to download on google play store )

The elements of chess are :-

  1. King
  2. Queen
  3. Knight
  4. Bishops
  5. Rooks
  6. Pawn

How To Play Chess? ( Guide )

King is the most important element for winning purpose as the whole plot of this game is based on capturing opponents King.

How To Play Chess? ( Guide )

Movement of King :-

So a king can move in forward, backward, left and right also it can move diagonally but a king can only move 1 square at a time, when the opponent king is in a threat of capture the player has to say check so that his opponent can make his king in a safe position, and if he fails in doing so and the king is captured by the enemy the game overs and the player loses.


Queen is the most powerful element of chess as it can move in any direction, and as much square units as it wants, a queen can kill all the elements in the chess game, as it wants whether it is a king or a Knight, as queen is the most powerful element of chess, a pawn can be promoted to queen when it comes to the opponent section in the end of the board.

Knight :-

the movement of Knight is the most different from all the elements in the chess, a Knight can move 2 square in the forward direction then one square in left, right or backward direction, the movement of knight resembles the letter “L” in the alphabet, Knight can also kill any element in the chess, Knight is one of the most powerful element in the game of chess.

player can easily win the game with the help of Knight.

Bishop :-

The Bishop is also known as camel in chess, there are total of 4 Bishop in the game 2 is of opponent  and 2 is of other player, a Bishop can move any no. of squares in diagonal as it wants, also if the Bishop is of black color, it can only move diagonally in the black square boxes of the board and same thing for the white bishop.

A bishop can never be moved on opposite color box, because of this rule it can only take over to that elements which are in the diagonal box also in the same color square box as of the bishop.

Rooks :-

Rooks is commonly known as elephant in chess, you can also visualize as it as a tower, in which there are archers which can aim at any direction, so like this rooks can move any no. of squares in forward, backward, left or right , but it can not move diagonally.

it can only move its square units in the vertical or horizontal way, rook is also a very powerful element of the chess because of its movement and it can eliminate any no. of elements.

Pawns :-

Pawns is the most useful element in chess, and if pawns are used in the right way it can be very beneficial to the player, because of its number and other factors also, pawns cannot move backwards, at the first move a pawn can advance two square units but after that it can only move one square at a time.

a pawn can take a element diagonally that is one square unit away from it and it can take any element from a pawn to a king.

The special power of a Pawn is that it can take up the role of any element after completing the 8 square, and it can even become a king, and this power is known as the “Pawn power”.

So that’s all for this article, we have covered the roles of all element in the chess, and how it moves and captures a element in chess, the chess board contains total of 64 units in which 32 is of white color and 32 is of black color. For more information regarding games and sports stay tuned with

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