Albion Online : Release Date, Features, System Requirements, Size

Hello to all game lovers, a new MMORPG game has been launched, named as Albion online, the game has gained a decent popularity in a short time, so in this post we are going to give all the required information about Albion online like- features, system requirements and many more, So here we go.

Albion online is a very interesting MMORPG game, it has some unique features, like – in Albion online the weapons and armors you use define your skills and your potential, you can easily switch play styles, you can join a guild and build a massive territory in a small piece of land of Albion, there are open world battles, almost each and every weapon can be craft by the player, at starting you will get basic armors and clothes and slowly when you go to top you will get exciting rewards.

GameAlbion online
Release date9th of june 2021
Last update24th of June 2021
Downloads1 Million+
DevelopersSandbox interactive GmbH
Current version1.18.080. 195868.
Albion Online : Release Date, Features, System Requirements, Size


1.player driven economy feature – almost each and every item is player crafted. can play on pc as well as on mobile, using a single account.
3.what you wear define your skills.
4.can test your-self against big enemies and hard players.

System Requirements :

Android version : Upto 5. 1.1 +.
Ram : Upto 2GB.
Internal storage : Upto 16 GB.
Android processor : Upto qualcomm snapdragon 425.

Game size :

The size of Albion online is very decent, it is only 75.70 MB, in now days almost every game size differ between 400 to 500 mb, and this game is only of 76 mb, so you can definitely play this game whether you have a low specification mobile, almost every device can handle this game, and you can also  enjoy  playing this game in your low end device.

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