STICK CRICKET LIVE 21: Review, Features, Requirements, Download link

Hello cricket lovers, stick sports limited has launched a new game, STICK CRICKET LIVE 21, so in this post I’ll give you all the information, features, requirements & review etc, also i will put the download link in this post so you can download it from play store, So here we go.

STICK CRICKET LIVE 21: game offers decent graphics, in this game you can play versus in 1v1 cricket battle from all over the world, it is a multiplayer game as it offers to play with the people, You can create your own deck, by winning in the game you can earn amazing rewards, the size of the game is 72 mb which is perfect for every android user, The game has been rated 3 plus so small kids up to 3 years can also play this game with no harm, It is a fun game for them, as well as for the adults.



the game has very good reviews as it launched recently, This game has a rating of  4.3 star with 1 lakh plus reviewers, as the game has launched recently the rating is pretty decent, as the number of people increases the rating might get fallen or getting high it totally depend on the game how good are there updates and how much they can handle to fix the bugs, the game has 10 lakhs plus downloads, the review of the game is decent, there are some bugs that can be fixed with upcoming updates.



This game has amazing features, the game offers multiplayer matches with the people all over from the world, this game has card system, like the characters is based on how rare is the card you can make your own deck, the game has cartoonish type graphics, but it looks good and cute you will enjoy while playing this game.


As the game is in 2021 it will require a decent phone that range up to 6 thousand or 7 thousand and goes on. The device at least have ram of 3gb and rom 32gb and decent processor, the game is perfectly made for all the devices from lower range to upper range, you can have fun while playing this game. Overall the game is good you can try this game once.

Stick Cricket Live 21 Download Apk

If you are device are not supporting high graphics cricket game then you should definitely download the stick cricket live 21 in your low end device, here is the link below which you can follow to download this dynamic cricket game.

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