Vikendi 2.0 In BGMI: Release Date, Leak & New Features

BGMI is becoming the most popular game in India, as per seeing the popularity in our country, the developer also has been very active to keep the fans stay with them, and for that they release updates every time, playing in different maps bring some refreshment in player’s mind, so developer has released various maps, but there is one map been missing which is vikendi, vikendi is also a very popular BGMI map, and in this post we are going to tell you the upcoming Leaks about the vikendi 2.0 release date and more Leaks, so here we go.

Vikendi 2.0 release date :

According to the inside reports, Vikendi 2.0 update will be expected to arrive in December 2021, may be on Christmas occasion.

the developer has stated that, they are going to release some old maps, and old mode, which was in the game in, 1.4 update, since now the 1.6 update has been arrived, we can see return of some old maps like, the infection mode, vikendi map, and many more, one thing that we want to clear that, if you are thinking that developer are going to bring a new vikendi map, then you will be disappointed because that is not going to happen, it will come in the update of 1.8 or 1.9, and for those who wish that the vikendi should come in 1.6 update, some information also tells that, developers are going to bring back the old vikendi map, not the new one, so you may be see the old vikendi map in some days, with the update of 1.7 in battlegrounds mobile india.

Leaks :-

vikendi 2.0 map leaks

the Leaks has stated that, the vikendi 2.0 mode will surely going to come in BGMI, but not now, so you have to be more patient to playing in your favorite snow map called ‘Vikendi’.

New features :-

As per the information, the new features of vikendi 2.0 will be going to amaze you all, the dino Park spot is somerwhere going to be changed in some else place, and a new place is going to be add in the change of dino Park, you can see a snow tram in map, for travelling the entire map, and it can be happen that dino park is going to change in dino land, which will be going to be a very huge place, in vikendi 2.0.

That’s it, make sure to share your valuable thoughts about the most awaited upcoming vikendi 2.0 update in battlegrounds mobile india.

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