6 Best Cricket Manager Games For Android In 2023

managements based games is really popular in football or in other sports genre games, but there are just few quality cricket management games available for the android platform currently, so in this post we are going to talk about the 6 best of the best cricket manager games to download for android in 2023 year, so here we go.

List Of All 6 Best cricket managers game

  1. Cricket Manager Pro 2022
  2. Cricket CEO 2021
  3. Cricket Captain 2021
  4. HitWicket Superstars: cricket
  5. Wicket Cricket Super League
  6. Cricket Masters ( captains game )


Cricket manager pro 2022 game is developed & published by ‘wicket gaming’ with the star cast of former south African & RCB player ‘ABD Villars’, you can create your very own cricket club and then sign, transfer & train your players to achieve the glory.

Game Cricket Manager Pro 2022
PublisherWicket Gaming
Release Date14 June 2022
Game Size134 MB ( Android )
Downloads50K+ ( google play store )
Last Updated On17 June 2022

Highlighted Features Of Cricket Manager Pro 2022*

  1. Create club and then enter in to the cricket era to start your journey as a manager.
  2. Manage club finance, expenses, sponsors, incomes & more.
  3. sign new players to strengthen your club from transfer market.
  4. customize team logo, jersey, stadium etc.

2. Cricket CEO 2021

Cricket CEO 2021 game was released by Indian tech giant ‘GameEon’ in April 2021, it is another great game to test our cricket management skills, this game comes with 3d graphics & detailed gameplay.

Game Cricket CEO 2021
Release Date17 April 2021
Game Size87 MB ( Android )
Downloads50K+ ( google play store )
Last Updated On9 October 2021

Highlighted Features Of Cricket CEO 2021*

  1. Win Matches & reach the glory
  2. Advertise to Earn Money
  3. Launch Merchandises to get extra profit
  4. Sign Sponsorships
  5. become the first Trilinear

3. Cricket Captain 2021

cricket captain 2021 is the most diverse & detailed cricket management game ever, in this game you can lead your domestic & international side in all formats, leagues & competitions.

Game Cricket Captain 2021
PublisherChildish Things
Release Date26 July 2021
Game Size187 MB ( Android )
Downloads100K+ ( google play store )
Last Updated On17 February 2022

Highlighted Features Of Cricket Captain 2021*

  1. 3d graphics with realistic gameplay.
  2. lead domestic side, league team & be the national captain.
  3. complete players, teams & grounds records.
  4. all international & domestic tournaments.
  5. Realistic match simulation.

4. HitWicket Cricket Game ’18

Hitwicket cricket game 18 is a online cricket management game that developed & published by Indian company ‘hitwicket cricket games’, we can create our own team and compete online with other players to claim the glory & be the best.

Game Hitwicket cricket 18
PublisherHitwicket Cricket Games
Release Date25 January 2017
Game Size77 MB ( Android )
Downloads1M+ ( google play store )
Last Updated On13 October 2021

Highlighted Features Of Hitwicket Cricket Game 18*

  1. Buy players from IPL type auction.
  2. Scout young players & train them to become a marque player.
  3. build stadium & increase capacity to boost your finances in home matches.
  4. start from the division league to reach the hitwicket premier league at top.

5. Wicket Cricket Super League

Wicket cricket super league is developed & published by ‘wicket cricket games’ in 2018, unlike other games wicket cricket super league is totally strategy based game without any on field gameplay, basically a match simulation game, so if you love to play strategy genre games then you should definitely try this amazing cricket management game.

Game Wicket Cricket Super League
Publisherwicket Cricket Games
Release Date28 July 2018
Game Size35 MB ( Android )
Downloads100k+ ( google play store )
Last Updated On25 May 2022

Highlighted Features Of Wicket Cricket Super League*

  1. offline cricket manager game with diverse features & gameplay.
  2. t20 leagues of all major cricket playing nations is available.
  3. full control of finances & other club activities.

6. Cricket Masters ( captains game )

Cricket masters is a captaincy based game that is developed & published by briashta technologies, you have to manage your cricket team as a captain to win matches.

Game Cricket Masters ( captains game )
Publisherbriashta technologies
Release Date18 June 2020
Game Size9.44 MB ( Android )
Downloads50k+ ( google play store )
Last Updated On15 June 2022

Highlighted Features Of Cricket Masters ( captains game )*

  1. Manage Your Team
  2. Control Aggression Level
  3. Simulate Scores
  4. Battle In T20 & Odi World Cups
  5. International Fixtures

That’s it, make sure to share your valuable thoughts about these best cricket manager games of 2023 year in comment box below, thank you.

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