3 Best Magic Cube Bundle In Free Fire Max To Obtain In 2022

Free Fire max is one of the most played games by youth of India, and the free fire franchise is very famous in India, the crowd of this game loves to purchase its new skins costumes, and new bundles, you have to spend diamonds in order to buy these bundles and costumes, but choosing the perfect bundle is also very tough, so in this article we are going to tell you about the 3 Best magic bundles to obtain for our inventory in free fire max in 2022 year, so here we go.

List Of Best Magic Cube Bundle In 2022

  1. Wildfire Vagabond Bundle
  2. Vampire’s revenge bundle
  3. Hunger strike bundle

1. Wildfire Vagabond Bundle :-

this bundle is designed mainly on the thinking of a gun man, he is wearing a very stylish jacket which has a design of flame in its bottom, it gives the vibe of a dangerous man wearing a belt of bullets and a hat which hides its face, you can buy this bundle as it is available now this bundles comprises of :-

1. Wildfire Vagabond Bundle :-
  • Wildfire Vagabond ( mask)
  • Wildfire Vagabond ( Hat)
  • Wildfire Vagabond (Top)
  • Wildfire Vagabond ( Shoes)
  • Wildfire Vagabond (Bottom)

2. Vampire’s revenge bundle :-

This bundle is based on vampire theme, vampire are the creatures who suck blood, and their main food is blood, also it is considered to be an imaginable creature, its dress gives vibe of spooky things, the main color of the suit is red, it also has a blood-colored bat animation. this bundle comprises of :-

2. Vampire's revenge bundle :-
  1. 1.Vampire’s Revenge (Mask)
  2. Vampire’s Revenge (Bottom)
  3. Vampire’s Revenge (Top)
  4. Vampire’s Revenge (Shoes)

3. Hunger strike bundle :-

this bundle was firstly introduced in diamond Royal event, and many people purchased this bundle, this bundle also was re-launched in an event which is known as “Rampage Region”, this bundle gives vibe of a skeleton that is wearing some high technology armored suit, in this bundle the main colour is yellow and black, this bundle comprises of :-

3. Hunger strike bundle :-
  • 1.Hunger Strike (Top)
  • 2.Hunger Strike (Bottom)
  • Hunger Strike (Shoes)
  • Hunger strike (Mask)

so that’s it for this article for more information regarding games and technology, stay tuned with adixesports.com

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fascinated about games & sports, writer & contributor for ADIX eSports.

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