Free fire Redeem Code For Today 15 April 2021 Indian Server

Free fire redeem code 15 April 2021 – india is the biggest market for free fire and that is why most of the events based on indian culture themes, but the main problem is that we can not claim all the rewards for free and we need to spend a high amount of money to get premium items from the any special event.

Redeem code is unique voucher which can helps free fire players to claim the latest rewards for free of cost, so here the complete list of 15 April 2021 free fire redeem codes for indian servers, let’s get started.


Redeem CodeValidityItemChances
 5G9GCY97UUD4unmeteredLoot crate high
ZH6CDBXFDSPN unmetered parachutehigh
FF6M1L8SQAUYunmetered free diamondlow
S7EA7G2UCW94unmeteredfree rewardhigh
Y7PS 1HR6 23H4time limitedfree rewardhigh
G4D1 126E 4D5Stime limitedfree rewardhigh
5UNZ5A94DCTZunmeteredfree rewardhigh
FRES-NILM-FASTunmeteredfree characterlow
FBSHARE10RBUunmeteredfree characterlow
7ZG488RUDDWVunmeteredfree rewardhigh
HXVDEU6EPW5Xunmeteredfree rewardhigh
UI879S6B6KT7Stime limitedfree rewardlow
86ZJZPV6HKLVunmeteredfree rewardhigh
ItemValidityRedeem CodeDate
free rewardunmeteredAO02-ZLKJ-DPGV10 April 2021
free gun skinunmetered WTZ3-LM8W-3SWC10 April 2021
free rewardunmeteredBMTM-P22W-3OZ710 April 2021
free rewardtime limited8G2Y-JS3T-WKUB10 April 2021
Gun skintime limitedLL7V-DMX3-63YK10 April 2021
free rewardtime limitedUGAX-G6SW-LZSK9 April 2021
Loot Cratetime limited5G9G-CY97-UUD49 April 2021
free diamondstime limited7AP8-7GV6-86TB9 April 2021
loot cratetime limitedFFBC-LY4L-NC4B9 April 2021
Top Up FreeUnmeteredCONGRATZ2MIL9 April 2021
free rewardunmeteredFFBCEGMPC3HZ9 April 2021
free rewardunmeteredFFBCJVGJJ6VP9 April 2021
Gun skin ( AK )UnmeteredSD19RKJ175GR 9 April 2021
free rewardunmetered5UNZ-5A94-DCTZ9 April 2021
free rewardunmeteredQUZ5-MJPP-Y92E9 April 2021
free pet skintime limitedYUH6RHOPTDFZ 9 April 2021
free rewardunmeteredS7EA-7G2U-CW949 April 2021
free gun skintime limitedWXWYSJTPBMB59 April 2021
free diamonds3 DaysUS67-KU7V-Y8YH9 April 2021
free avatar 3 DaysSARG-886A-V5GR 9 April 2021
Free Premium Bundletime limitedFF7M-UY4M-E6SC9 April 2021
ItemValidityRedeem Code
Egg day rewardunmeteredSARG886AV5GR

What is free fire redeem codes 15 April 2021 for indian server?

Free fire redeem code is 12 digit unique voucher that usable to claim paid items for free.

How free fire latest 15 April 2021 redeem codes works?

You need to visit the garena official reward redemption site to successfully claim reward using redeem code, make sure to link your free fire account with social media account before attempting for the reward.

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