Best Names For Among Us To Use In 2023

Among us game has become very popular after pubg mobile ban in India. The reason for this game being so popular is the unique gameplay, which is not available to experience in any other game.

Another fun feature of this game is that players can change their name at any time. And that’s why all players want to keep their name unique in the game, So in this post we are going to tell you about 100+ Best Names for Among Us to use in 2023 year. 

Best Names For Among Us 2023

Before Knowing the 2023 year’s best names for among us, Let’s know what is the name of India’s top gaming streamers in among us game.

Soul Mortal – Mortal’s name in Among us game is ‘Namun‘ which is similar to his real name Naman Mathur.

K18 Gaming – K18 Gaming aka Ketan Patel’s in game name is ‘Lghoda‘ in among us game, which is a very strange and unique name.

Soul Regaltos – Soul Regaltos aka Parv singh’s in game name is ‘Masoom‘ in among us game, this is another funny and intersting name.

Soul aman – Aman is known as ‘Mrbabluop‘ in among Game, Aman is the only Indian streamer who has become a pro in among us.

10+ Cool Names For Among Us List ( 2023 )

Here Is the first list of cool among us names which you can use to impress your friends.

  1. Indian Star
  2. self obsessed
  3. money maker
  4. star lucks
  5. Foreplay
  6. Imposter
  7. Crewmate
  8. Camera
  9. No vote
  10. Cuteboy

If you want cool name for you in among us game, then you can choose any name from the list above.

20+ Funny Among Us Name In 2023

Many players love funny names in game, so now we are telling you about more than 30 such funny names that you can use as Among Us name in 2023.

  1. Sweet Boy
  2. Desi Imposter
  3. No Secret
  4. Noob Imposter
  5. Skip Vote
  6. Defence Minister
  7. 200IQ
  8. Loverpoint201
  9. Speed Breaker
  10. 3rdZone
  11. I am Not
  12. Crazy Killer
  13. Black Lover
  14. Ground Zero
  15. Already Killed
  16. Vote Me
  17. Dont Know
  18. Sorry Baby
  19. Prank
  20. Supari

You can also choose the best names for among us from this list. Apart from this, you can also find some unique and interesting names for yourself. Because there is no restriction for this in the game, you can name it whatever you want.

Among Us Guide

Now lets get some quick information about among us game.

  • This is a strategy game, crew mates have to complete the task, while imposters try to kill the crumates
  • In this game, up to 10 players can play together in one match and maximum 3 imposter are allowed.
  • Whenever a crewmate gets a dead body then an emergency meeting is called. After this, it is decided by voting who has killed the crewmate. player who gets the most votes is eliminated from the game.


We Hope this information help you to find best name in 2023 for among us game, Anyway, it is just a fun of having a unique name in the game, the most that matters is how much you enjoy that game. You can also share this post with your friends if you like it.

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