Free Fire Season 36 : May Elite Pass, Release Date, Giveaways, Discount Event & Redeem Codes

Free fire season 35 is currently going on and it will be ends on 30 April, after that the brand new upcoming season 35 will be coming with new events, elite pass, so in this post we are going to discuss about the free fire season 36 release date, elite pass of may month, Giveaways, discount event & about redeem codes, so let’s get started.

Release Date

According to previous seasons stats, the new upcoming free fire season 36 will be launched on 1st May 2021, as we know free fire has completed 35 seasons after the launching November 2017 by Garena.

Season 36 Elite Pass

Now we are going to share the exclusive leaks of premium items which will comes with season 36.

free fire free bike skin

Bike skin – bike is one of the fastest vehicle to travel in battle royale, you have a great chance to obtain bike skin from season 36 elite pass.

plasma free gun skin

Plasma gun skin – new plasma gun skin looks pretty decent in red & orange shade.

free fire jokes outfit

Joker Outfit – Here is the most exciting outfit of season 36, blue neon design gives insane look to this upcoming joker outfit.

free fire backpack skin

Backpack Skin – backpack skin is another awesome items that you should definitely redeem, according to us, it could be one of the most rarest backpack skin in future.

free fire free loot boc

Loot Box – Loot box skin is another unique item, You can definitely go for this fish shape loot box in season 36 elite pass.

Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass Redeem Codes & Giveaways

There are many Streamers on YouTube who will organise Giveaways of season 36 elite pass, you should definitely follow your favourite streamers to get free season 36 Elite pass in Giveaway.

Redeem Codes To Use Before Free Fire Season 36

Use redeem codes G3MKNDD24G9D
To claim Latest rewards before the next season 36 update, make sure to use this code before 22nd april for the successful attempt.

Discount Event Chances & Release Date

Expected Release Date – 1 to 7 May 2021

Normally, elite pass comes in discount event after every 1 month gap, so there are high chance that free fire season 36 elite pass could be available in discount event.

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