Pubg Mobile Lite: Best Graphics & FPS Settings To Become A Pro

Pubg mobile lite is for those players who want to take the experience of pubg mobile in a decent low end device, pubg mobile lite is specially made for those who didn’t have a good device for playing pubg mobile, but he can gain enjoyment from pubg mobile lite.

some things are similar in pubg Mobile Lite and some are different, in pubg Mobile season runs late, like if there is season 16 in pubg Mobile, in pubg Mobile Lite there will be season 10 of may be 11, and there are some less updates in pubg Mobile Lite, one of the major thing in pubg Mobile Lite is the gameplay of this game and graphics, settings, so In this post we are going to tell you the best graphics setting, for tpp and fpp both, and how you can become pro in pubg Mobile Lite, so here we go.

Best Graphics setting for pubg Mobile Lite in tpp mode :-

Best Graphics setting for pubg Mobile Lite in tpp mode :-

  • Graphics :- Smooth.
  • Frame rate :- high.
  • Anti – aliasing :- tap on enable. the benefits of this graphics setting is that, you will experience a smooth gameplay, while playing pubg mobile lite we see some frame drop issue, and some choppy gameplay, if you have a low end device you will find all this problems, then you should make all the settings that have given above, for experiencing a smooth gameplay.

best graphics settings of pubg mobile lite for fpp mode :-

  • Graphics :- smooth.
  • frame rate :- high/extreme.
  • anti aliasing :- enable.

the graphics of tpp/fpp is not very much different, you just have to make sure that you are playing on high/extreme frame rate because the enemies spotted quickly in these settings, anti aliasing helps to soften the texture which will give you more smooth gameplay.

Requirements for playing pubg mobile lite :-

Ram :- up to 3GB.processor :- up to QUALCOMM snapdragon 425.

Operating system :- upto android 4.1

Internal storage :- up to 32GB.

if your device match all the requirements as given above, then your gameplay will be very smooth and lag free because it is the decent good graphics that are required for playing pubg mobile lite.

Bhasker Shukla

fascinated about games & sports, writer & contributor for ADIX eSports.

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