How To Fix PUBG/BGMI TDM Not Loading Issue In 2023

Hello Guys, Welcome To Adix Esports. After Pubg Mobile New Era Update On 7th September Pubg Mobile Players Face Lots Of New Glitches In Game. In This Post We Will Teach You How You Can Easily Fix Tdm Not Loading issue in 2023 year And Other Glitch In Pubg Mobile. 

Note: BGMI is the Indian Version Of Pubg Mobile.

First of all, know what is the Glitch in Pubg Mobile?

Glitch is Just a bug Of game, which we call Glitch in the gaming Language. Usually, Pubg mobile developer team fixes the Glitch with updates, But sometimes it takes a long time. That’s why we have to find a solution for the Glitch. 

Why TDM Is Not Loading In Pubg Mobile? 

There can be many reasons for TDM not loading, we have given some reason in the list below.

Device Not Compatible – After the new Era update, the size and requirements of the game have already increased. If your phone has 2GB or 3GB RAM, then your Tdm or Classic match might not load.

Slow Internet Connection – Slow Internet Connection is one of the most commen reason. If your internet connection is slow then definitely You need ready to deal with so many glitches in pubg mobile. 

If You Are Playing From India – As we all know Pubg mobile is banned in India, but still lots of players playing the game from india. This is another serious reason why you face so many glitches in game. 

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How To Solve TDM Not Loading Glitch? 

tdm not loading

Now we will give you some tips which help you to solve this problem

Restart Your Game – Restart the game is very good option to solve this problem, You have to restart the game whenever Tdm is not loaded. Then you have the option of ‘enter again in match’, you have to click on it and you will easily enter in Tdm.

Vpn – You can also use Vpn to solve this problem. But remember that whenever you use Vpn, then Pubg Mobile’s Ping will automatically increase.

Play On Wifi – You can play the game on wifi if your internet connection is slow. This will not make your ping too high and you can easily enjoy the game.

I Hope this tips will help you to fix tdm not loading glitch. now lets talk about how we can fix other Glitches. 

In Game Sound Glitch 

This Is one more irritating Glitch For Pubg Players. But don’t worry we have some solution for you.

  • Use Discord – If your in game sound has glitched, so you can use discord to talk with your friends.

Click – Discord Download Link For Android

How To Use Discord? 

discord pubg

1 – Download Discord App And Open. 

2 – Login With Your Google Or Facebook Account.

3 – Create Your Own Discord Server.

4 – Send Server Invite To Your All Friends And Teammates.

5 – Create New Voice Channel In Your Server.

6 – Join Voice Channel With Your Friends When You Play. 

Connect Conference Call

Discord is hard to use and lots of players dont have any knowledge about discord. Then this easy trick will help you. 

How To Connect Conference Call?

  • Call your one friend.
  • Click on add call and connect your other friends.
  • Long press on volume button to on game volume. 
  • Enjoy game with your friends.

So this is everything about the glitches in pubg mobile.

Kanhaiya Patidar

Kanhaiya Patidar is content reviewer for adixesports, he is from Ratlam ( Madhya Pradesh ), for sure this 20 year boy has sharp writing skills.

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