BGMI Diwali Event 2022 Update: Coming Or Not?

India specified mobile battle royale game named ‘Battlegrounds mobile India’ in short ‘BGMI’ was removed from major platforms like play store and app store after the instruction from government on 27th July 2022.

bgmi server is still running perfectly without any error, so if gamers has already installed bgmi on their phones, then they are definitely enjoy battle royale action in bgmi.

But there is a big problem..

As bgmi is currently suspended within the country, so gamers are unable to download new Updates of this game.

As we know India’s one of the most prestigious festival Diwali is coming in October month this year, and bgmi lovers wants know about is new Diwali 2022 Update will coming in their favorite battle royale game or not?.

Here’s the brief details…..below

Most likely, diwali 2022 update will not be coming in BGMI due to suspension issue, but as sources claim Krafton ( BGMI Publisher ) are continuously discussed with government to solve the issue, however there is still no official information about bgmi comeback in India.

About 2021 Diwali Event In BGMI

Last year Diwali event 2021 was one of the most memorable event for any bgmi players who are continuously active and playing this game for a while.

Last year Diwali event was Released on 20th October, with some magnificent Rewards to claim for free.

Last Year Diwali Rewards In BGMI

Last Year Diwali Rewards In BGMI
  • Free Classic crate Coupens
  • Free AG gold currency
  • Rock star mini 14 gun skin
  • Cool Cat set and more..

Nihit Sehgal

a Student of physics from Sangrur ( Punjab ), he is battleroyale gamer with deep knowledge of eSports, which made him passionate about writing, he joined adixesports in August 2022.

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