Free Fire Max: How To Get Groove Emote For Free?

The much awaited free fire 5th anniversary celebration event has been finally arrived in world’s most popular battle Royale game, today ( 27th August ) is the peak of this event, where we have a chance to collect exclusive rewards based on 5th anniversary celebration theme.

So let’s get some information about the top items & rewards which we can obtain for our inventory on 27th August 2022.

free rewards free fire max
  1. Unlimited custom room cards ( 6 hours validation.
  2. More than 5+ incubator bundle vouchers.
  3. New surfboard skin based on 5th anniversary theme colors.
  4. New sports car skin named ‘beautiful live concert’.
  5. J. Biebs: one of the most exciting collaboration of ‘GARENA×Justin Bieber’ is live, so now gamers are able to claim J.Biebs character which has immense abilities & power.
  6. Groove Moves Emote.

Free Fire Max Groove Moves Emote Free

Groove is newest emote in Garena’s battle Royale title called ‘Free Fire Max’, here’s the step by step guide available below to claim Justin Bieber theme based Groove moves emote for the free of cost.

How to Get Groove Emote For Free In Free Fire Max?

Step 1. Open free fire max game & visit 5th anniversary event section.
Step 2. Now click on ‘Login Reward’ option on the left side.
Step 3. Tap on the crate & then latest Groove moves event will be showed.
Step 4. Just click on Claim reward button to collect The Groove emote for your free fire max account inventory.
Step 5. Now open inventory and then visit Emotes section to select & equipped with Groove moves emote.

( Note – this login reward will be going to end on 28 August 2022 at 04:14 AM. )

Conclusion: that is everything about the guide to collect free emote in free fire max today, if you have more queries then share with us on [email protected] or visit contact us section, thank you.

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