How to set invisible Nickname In Free Fire Max? ( Hide name )

Free fire max is the updates version which has high graphics as compare to normal free fire, also the size of free max is very large then that of normal free fire, in simple words you can say that free fire max is made for high end devices, many people want to know about how they can hide their Nickname in free fire max so in this post we are going to talk about how you can make your Nickname invisible in free fire max game, so here we go.

how to invisible your Nickname in free fire max?

Setting normal nicknames in free fire is not very much difficult, also you can not clearly blank your Nickname you have to put something, so for invisible nickname the method is quite difficult because of the first step, apart from the first method all of the methods are easy, so here is the step no. 1

Step 1 :- firstly you have to visit the website, that gives you a code often called as ‘Unicode’ and the full name of this code is ‘Unicode 3164’ and after that you should copy it, here’s the website ( COMPART.COM ) for getting this code.

Step 2 :- now you have to copy some braille patterns, after you write your Nickname with letters make sure to fill it with multiple braille patterns for getting the invisible Nickname, you can visit this page on ( COMPART.COM ) website for braille pattern.

this is one of the method for getting invisible Nickname you can also use various fonts and symbols. But it is mandatory to get the Unicode.

Step 3 :– Now open your free fire max account and go to your profile and paste this Nickname there.

Step 4 :- After doing all of the above steps you will surely see your Nickname getting invisible, it will look amazing, also this is not the permanent method because of various terms, so you have to visit the website quite often whenever you see your nickname getting visible to the players in the game.

So that’s it for this article, make sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section and tell to us that is this method is working in your device or not, and for more updates regarding these types of topics stay tuned with

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