BGMI Lucky Spin: How To Get Techno Core M416?

BGMI new lucky spin has arrived about 1 or 2 days back, the most favorite thing for players in this lucky spin is its Techno Core M416, and a lot of of player has already spent a lot of UC for getting Techno core M416 but failed to get that beautiful skin, it is a upgradable skin, and you can upgrade it to level 7,so in this post we are going to tell you some ways through you can unlock, new techno core M416 in BGMI, so here we go.

How to get Techno Core M416? :-

How to get Techno Core M416? :-

step 1 :- Firstly go to the event section and tap on the lucky spin of Techno Core M416.

step 2 :- draw uc spin, it is stated that the more you spin the more luck you will get.

step 3 :- after spinning, and still not get the skin then tap on the item that you want, tap it multiple times, and do again the spin, from this you might get the skin.

step 4 :- it is also stated that once your luck bar is full, which means that your luck has reached 200,then you will get Techno core M416 guaranteed, after getting the skin upgrade it to max level.

How to upgrade the skin to max level?

firstly unlock the techno core M416 skin, then you will require some paints and upgrading materials, you can grab material from the lucky spin as well as from other event, which stated that they will give you material for upgrading skins, paints can be also obtained from the same process.

how to get UC for lucky spin in BGMI?

Now the question raises that how you can get UC, so the answer is simple, use some money earning apps, like winzo, mpl, Google rewards, from these apps redeem the money and use it for your uc spinning, and get those beautiful skin in bgmi .

That’s it, Make sure to share your valuable thoughts with us in comment box below, thank you.

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