8bit Creatives: Talent Agency, Owner & All Members

As we know gaming industry is growing rapidly in India from past 4 years, and there are dozens of gaming organizations & content creators are rising every year, and 8bit creatives is one of the top most influential gaming specific Talent Agency in India right now.

8bit creatives is basically a India based organizations works to provide brand deals and manages financial perspective of their members & content creators.

8bit Creatives

Owner: 8bit creatives is part of S8ul, lead by well known personality in Indian gaming community called ‘8bit thug‘ and supported by ‘8bit Goldy‘.

Influencers Part Of 8bit Creatives

almost all popular S8ul content creators are manages by 8bit creatives, and apart from S8ul, many more other gaming creators around India manages by 8bit creatives.

Influencers Part Of 8bit Creatives
  • ScoutOp
  • Mortal
  • Mavi
  • 8bit Akshu
  • 8bit Mamba
  • Soul Zeref
  • Pothead
  • 8bit Rebel
  • 8bit Beg4mercy
  • 8bit Mafia
  • K18 Gaming
  • Soul Viper
  • Soul Aman
  • Payal Gaming
  • 8bit Rav3n
  • Snax
  • Ankkita C
  • Sherlock
  • Gamexpro
  • Krutika
  • Kaash plays
  • S8ul Sid
  • Ultron
  • Joker ki haveli
  • Roxx
  • Ronak
  • Exion

and many more other creators as well.

That is all important information about 8bit creatives, if you have more info. About this talent agency then share with us on [email protected] or visit contact us section, thank you.

Kanhaiya Patidar

Kanhaiya Patidar is content reviewer for adixesports, he is from Ratlam ( Madhya Pradesh ), for sure this 20 year boy has sharp writing skills.

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