Team SouL Pubg/Bgmi – Players, Salary, Achievements

Indin Pubg Mobile Teams Show There Domination At Global Level From past 4 Years. But when we talk about the most consistent Indian team at the global level, then Team SouL will come out on top. In this post, you will know all the information related to the 2-time National Champion Team SouL Pubg.

New Team Soul Lineup

  • Soul Goblin
  • Soul Akshat
  • Soul Omega
  • Soul Hector

Team SouL Journey

Mortal pubg

Team SouL Was Formed After Dreamhack event in 2018. Team Soul’s first Pubg Mobile Lineup had four players Mortal, Ronak, Viper and Owais. With This Linup Team SouL Claim their 1st Major victory in Pubg Mobile India Series 2019.

Team SouL Pubg Players

There are currently 4 players in Team SouL, whose information has been given below.

1. Mortal – Mortals’s Real Name is Naman Mathur and He lives in mumbai. currently Mortal is India’s 3rd Biggest Gaming Youtuber.

Mortal Plays Is The Captain and In Game Leader Of Team SouL, He Is One Of The Most Successful Esports Players In India.

2. Regaltos – Regaltos Plays As a Main Assaulter In Team SouL. His Real Name Is Parv Singh And He Lives In Delhi.

Regaltos Starts His Esports Career With A Another Lineup Of Team SouL. But In August 2019 Mortal Added Regaltos As a 4rth Player Of Team SouL.

3. Sangwan – Sangwan Is the Support Player Of Team SouL. His Real Name is Dhurv Sangwan And They Also Lives In Mumbai.

Sangwan has previously played for Team Brawlers,  powerhouses, crawlers Esports  and fnatic India. And while playing for Team FnatiC, he won the title of PUBG Mobile All Stars 2019 India.

4. Viper – Viper Is One OF The Oldest Players Of Team SouL. His Real Name Is Yash Soni And His Residence Is In Mumbai.

Viper Plays As Sniper In This Team And Also He Is Amazing Assaulter. Team SouL Fans Love Due To His Loyality With Mortal And Entire Soul Family.

Former Players

Ronak – Ronak Left Team SouL And Joined Team Fnatic In August 2019. Because Of Some Misunderstanding With Teammates.

Owais – Owais Left Team SouL And Joined Team Fnatic After A Poor Performance In Pmco 2019 Global Finals.

Owais Counted As a One Of The Top Indian Pubg Mobile In Game Leader And Assaulter.

Aman – Aman Left Team SouL After Pubg Mobile Pro League 2019 This Year.

Clutchgod – Clutchgod Played For Team SouL In Pubg Mobile Club Open 2019. But After This Event He Left Team SouL And Joined Team TSM Entity.

Drop Locations

Erangel – School

Miramar – Pecado

Sanhok – Bootcamp

Vikendi – Villa


  • Pubg Mobile India Series 2019 – Winner
  • Pubg Mobile Club Open 2019 India – Winner
  • Pubg Mobile Club Open Global Finals – 12th Rank
  • Pubg Mobile India Tour 2019 – Semifinals
  • Pubg Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019 South Asia – Runner’s Up
  • Pubg Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019 Global Finals – 12th Rank
  • Pubg Mobile Pro League South Asia 2020 – 8th Rank
  • Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019 – 12th Rank

Team SouL Bootcamp

Team SouL Is One Of The Key Part Of S8ul. Esports Players Of Team 8bit And Team SouL Lives in S8ul Gaming House Located In Mumbai ( Maharashtra ). It Is One Of The Best Bootcamp with Advanced Gaming Facility In India. After The Pubg Mobile Ban S8ul Members Now Explore Some Other Games Like Among Us, Call Of Duty Mobile, Raji etc.


So far, the journey of Team Soul Pubg has been excellent, there has been a lot of ups and downs in the last 2 years. We Hope They Archieve More In Pubg Mobile And Other Games As Well,

Bhasker Shukla

fascinated about games & sports, writer & contributor for ADIX eSports.

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