Cobra MP40 Return Date In 2023

2023 year is finally here, and every free fire gamer is waiting for the upcoming new events and rewards in their favorite battle Royale title, but old guns and events have different place in our heart, and predatory cobra mp40 is one of them, in this post we are going to discuss about the expected return date for this legendary gun skin.

Cobra MP40 was initially released in March 2021, and Garena received huge positive response from the gamers, but only few player was able to obtain this amazing gun skin at that time.

Cobra MP40 Return Date For 2023 Year

According to the free fire influencer ‘Shiv Gaming’ Cobra Mp40 will be expected to release in February 2023 during the valentines update in the battle royale game, this gun skin will be coming in return only for some specific server including Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi server.

How To Get Cobra MP40?

Cobra MP40 Return: How To Get Cobra MP40 in Free Fire In 2022
  1. First Spin: 9 Diamonds
  2. Second Spin: 19 Diamonds
  3. Third Spin: 39 Diamonds
  4. Fourth Spin: 69 Diamonds
  5. Fifth Spin: 99 Diamonds
  6. Sixth Spin: 149 Diamonds And kept increasing…

Cobra MP40 Attributes & Power

  • Damage – double ( ++ )
  • Rate of fire – single ( + )
  • Reload speed – minus ( – )

You have to upgrade Cobra MP40 up to level 7 to get Complete Benefits of Attributes.

Damage Per Second ( DPS ):

  • Close range DPS – 400
  • Mid range DPS – 208

Reload Time: 1.700 seconds to reload full magazine of cobra MP40.

Fire Rate

  • 20 bullets – 1.200 seconds
  • 1 bullet – 0.06 second
  • 1 second – 16 bullets

Damage Stats

  • 5 meter – 137 head, 25 body
  • 10 meter – 115 head, 21 body
  • 15 meter –  71 head, 13 body
  • 20 meter – 55 head, 10 body

That’s it about this post, make sure to share your valuable thoughts about the Cobra Mp40 return date in 2023 year in comment box below, thank you.

Sailesh Meghwal

Sailesh meghwal is a student of BSc Animation, from Jashpur ( Chhattisgarh ), he loves to spend time playing video games, joined adixesports in July 2022 to continue his writing passion.

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