5 Best Upcoming Action Games For PC In 2021: Release Date & Features

Hello pc game lovers,  2021year is very interesting year for pc gamers a lot of pc games are going to release in 2021, so here we are bringing you top 5 action games that are coming in 2021, so here we go.

5. Crowfall : Release Date & Features

Crowfall is an upcoming massive multiplayer MMO game, it will be similar to most of the MMORPG’s games, you can enjoy the game in a third person perspective mode, there are 5 system of worlds in this game, the name of the world’s are “God’s reach”, “Eternal”, “kongdoms”, ” dregs”, “the infected”, and the “shadow”.

5. Crowfall :
  • Game name : Crowfall
  • Developer : Artcraft
  • Engine : Unity
  • Publisher : Artcraft.
  • Release date : July 6th 2021.
  • Platform: Microsoft windows.


1.the game has multiverse of unique worlds.
2.You will be going to experience a lot of action and thrills.
3.there are various maps and various worlds.

4. GhostWire: Tokyo 4 : Release Date & Features

4. GhostWire: Tokyo

Ghost wire : tokyo is an upcoming action – adventure game, the game has first- person perspective, You can use various pyschic and paranormal abilities for defeating the ghosts that are haunting the people in Tokyo, you have the ability to caste spells, the story of the game starts from vanishing of the people’s in Tokyo, the vanishing  of the people is very mysterious, and after knowing who are doing this, some people come forward to end this thing.

  • Game name : Ghost wire : tokyo.
  • Developer : Tango Gameworks.
  • Publisher : Bethesda Softworks.
  • Game mode : Single – player.
  • Release date : 2021.
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows and all platforms.


1.You can control various abilities.
2.fight with demonic powers and spirits.
3.You have psychic and paranormal powers.

3. Kena : Bridge of spirits : Release Date & Features

3. Kena : Bridge of spirits :

Kena bridge of spirit is an action adventure game that is coming in the year of 2021,
the story of the game is depend on a young girl, the name of the girl is Kena, She guides the lost spirits to reach their destination, the game has third- person perspective, In the combat mode the kena use her staff for light, charged attack and kicks, you can Upgrade transforms of staff into the bow, kena has also a pulse ability which acts as an very active and powerful shield.

  • Game name: Kena : Bridge of spirits.
  • Developer : Ember lab.
  • Publisher : Ember lab.
  • Game mode: Single – player.
  • Release date : 24th of August 2021.
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows and some other platforms.

1.You can use various combat abilities.
2.Awesome game plot.
3.The game has smooth controls.

2. CRIMSON DESERT: Release Date & Features

Crimson desert is an upcoming open world Action adventure game, the game has some cinematic cut scenes, the story is based on mercenaries that are struggling for survival in a vast continent of Pywel, crimson desert main character is Macduff who is the son of Martinis, Macduff remembers some of his painful memories, the game also has some amazing features that are still have to be introduced.

  • Game name : Crimson desert.
  • Developer : Pearl abyss
  • Publisher : Pearl abyss.
  • Game mode : Single player, multiplayer.
  • Release date : 2021.

1.You have to fight with some amazing villains.
2.The graphics of the game are awesome.
3.Story plot is based on some old period of time with some thrilling action.

1. Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance: Release Date & Features

1. Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

Dungeons and dragons :dark alliance is an upcoming action role playing game, There are two main characters in the game the dungeons and the dragons, you can also say that this game is a spiritual successor to baldur’s gate:dark alliance 2 and his first part, the game is set on tundra region of Ice wind, the game has both single player and multiplayer mode.

  • Game name :Dungeons and dragons :dark alliance.
  • Developer: Turque Games.
  • Publisher : Wizards of the coast.
  • Mode: Single player mode, Multiplayer mode.
  • Release date: 22nd of June 2021.
  • Platform:Microsoft windows and all other platforms.

1.Can be played both single player and multiplayer.
2.The game has stunning graphics.
3.Amazing story plot.

That’s it, make sure mention about your favorite action game in comment box below, thank you.

Bhasker Shukla

fascinated about games & sports, writer & contributor for ADIX eSports.

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